This site started my RE journey!

Sitting here reflecting this morning and decided to check out CREonline. This site was instrumental in launching my interest in real estate over 20 years ago. JP and Terry Vaughn were trailblazers. I know there are bigger sites out there but there were always more experienced, seasoned investors on here. I’m going to start checking out the site more frequently and contribute where I can.

I too was very active on the site 20+ years ago. I went under the name Ben (NJ). It’s unrecognizable. Are the Vaughns no longer involved? Are there any other old timers still here?

Hey Ben,
Doesn’t appear to be much going on here. I posted this message over a year ago.

There was a number of changes on a personal level and that eventually lead to the site being sold. I reached out to the new owners a couple of years back and they filled me in a bit.

Like both Ben and Kleech, I was a regular in the day. No idea what ID I used then. I suspect it was my actually name.


Who are the owners? I’d love to speak with them about the site.