Responses on 'sweet deal' post - Posted by Michaela-ATL

Posted by Hank FL on October 06, 2003 at 12:49:40:

Wow, what a coincidence, I just happaen to have a Don King, Roseanne, Cindi Lauper, short, portly, mohawk, coke bottle glasses, freckle, tatoo & piercing fetish.

Responses on ‘sweet deal’ post - Posted by Michaela-ATL

Posted by Michaela-ATL on October 04, 2003 at 20:55:52:

A few days ago I made a post about a sweet deal, that I have gotten. I’ve gotten a lot of mail after that, by people asking me to tell them ho I do it.

I’m sorry, but I’m just not willing to go into details. Some of you are very persistant and I hate having to come across like ‘the b*tch, that just won’t share’. Making 100k on a lot is the exception. Most lots I only make 10-15K. I’ve gotten myself a lot of techniques on how to find people and I find most, that I’m looking for.

Please understand, that I have found myself a little niche and I don’t want everybody else to compete with me on that. Is that so difficult to understand? Right now the gurus teach people, to stay away from land. That’s fine with me.
I’m perfectly happy to share whatever I want to share on this board, but it’s got to be my choice. If you go into the archives and read my posts, you will probably come across all of those techniques somewhere. I’ve shared them freely at different times. I’m just not willing to tie it all up in a nice bundle and present it to others to make it easy.

If I’m being a b*tch for that - so be it.


Re: Responses on ‘sweet deal’ post - Posted by Mike in Mass

Posted by Mike in Mass on October 06, 2003 at 14:36:41:

Dear Michaela, I for one would like to thank you for being kind enough to take the time to post here, I find your post both informative and inspirational
please continue to post

Re: Responses on ‘sweet deal’ post - Posted by michaela-ATL

Posted by michaela-ATL on October 05, 2003 at 13:20:55:

Just thought I’d give one one of the nice and endearing emails, that I’m receiving (actually, they’re the minority, most people, don’t seem to have a problem with me not sharing every detail). Since I’m already rude and full of arrogance and inconsiderate of other people, I figure there’s nothing else to be expected of me ;-):


If you are going to post you made $100K and not not talk about the details don’t
post at all in the first place. What your doing is
rude and full of arrogance.

Either people post their successes and talk about it. Or they don’t talk about
specific deals. However, they provide advice.
What you are doing is just self-centered boasting.

I hope you are more thoughtful of others, before posting.


Re: Responses on ‘sweet deal’ post - Posted by MNChicago

Posted by MNChicago on October 05, 2003 at 12:22:12:


You have an easy style of writing that gets your
message across clearly, and I thank you for the
informative ideas you do share and the help you
extend in responding to others.

You are a giver, the wagging finger is a taker.
That speaks volumes.

Your sweet deal post raised a few questions in my
mind, and all but one were answered in reading
through the 806 hits attributed to you in the

There is no question that you have already provided
the information most would want, if they care to look
for it.

The one question remaining, did you do anything
with your idea of building “victorian lofts?” I know
someone with several empty lots that wants to build
to build on them, and this sounded interesting.

Thanks again for your contributions.

You may have already answered this, how is
your name pronounced?

Re: Responses on ‘sweet deal’ post - Posted by One for the Hommies

Posted by One for the Hommies on October 05, 2003 at 12:21:18:

Here is some of what Michaela-ATL is doing for all the newbies:

Posted by michaela-ATL on July 29, 2002 at 20:21:27:

for the past 8 years i’ve been renovating old victorians. the past few months i’ve been dealing with empty lots.
i’m thinking of combining the 2

there’s a real loft-craze here in atlanta. small 1000sqf 1/1 lofts sell for 200k, no covered parking.

so, my thought is to have an architect design a building 30’x60’ to fit on a 50’x150’ lot . on the outside it looks
like a historic home, so, it fits into the neighborhood, where i’m planning to look for more lots.(the lots there are all zoned for duplex) inside it will be split up into 2 2-story lots back-to-back. the lower 900 sqf all open with columns and headers as support whereever necessary. maybe 1/2 bath. the top 900 sqf will be 2/2. 10’ ceilings on both levels. instead of industrial design i will utilize crown moldings and architectural accents, leaded glass etc, that i’ve been utilizing in the old homes. over the years i’ve heard a lot of people say, that they like the openness of lofts, but don’t like the industrial design. i can put a lot of glamour and class into these and could sell them easily for 200k each and subsequently get 400k for each building. the lot would run 20-30k, the construction (and i would use a contractor) should be around 150k, which gives me somewhere between 150-200k profit per building, depending on holding, financing etc. the new homes in the area are around 200k, so it’s an appreciating neighborhood, but not ‘there’, yet. i found loft buyers to be more enarmored with not so perfect neighborhoods, due to uniqueness, instead of the all dolled up ones.

when i have all my ducks in a row, my plans done, my contractor all the costing worked out, contract on the lot, i will try to obtain hard money from one of the old-time investors, that know me. the ratio is good, the comps for lofts would be a lot higher than what i’d plan on asking for these, which are bigger. i know hard money is not customary for new contruction, but i’m convinced, that i can get it, because the numbers are there. nobody else is doing anything like that here and i think that’s a market niche, that would do well.

what do you think of the concept?

would love some feedback. good or bad :wink:


Re: Responses on ‘sweet deal’ post - Posted by eric-fl

Posted by eric-fl on October 05, 2003 at 12:03:33:

Michaela, I didn’t even see your original post, so I can’t comment on it either way. I will say that I agree with you, in part. That part, specifically, is responding to private emails - I rarely do. Not because I don’t want to help, but because I view it as a waste of time. In the past, I’ve written whole treatises to people asking questions in email, and never even recieved an acknowledgement back. Not that that’s why I’m doing it - but without a reply, I don’t even know if they got it, and I just wasted time throwing information out into the digital ether, as it were. Also, a little piece of advice - I don’t even reply to the initial request. If you try to explain your stance, people will generally just get more p*ssed off. It’s usually better to just let them go unanswered - that way, you can always play the “I never got it, huh” card.

The part I don’t agree with, is when people come on here, say “woohoo!! just made $100,000”, and don’t share any details. There’s a difference between bragging and posting a success story to help inspire others. Again, I didn’t see your original post, so I don’t know which category yours would fall under (and that’s an individual judgement anyway), but we’ve all seen repeat examples of both. Ultimately, this forum, like all forums, is about sharing ideas, and if someone’s coming across as a tease, that can be frustrating to a beginner. Again, I’m not saying that’s what you did - but to be sure, it’s been done here, numerous times.

As to the competition thing, I can understand your point, do a degree. But the counter to this, is that no one has a monopoly on ideas, in any field of endeavor. Especially in matters like finance and real estate, where everyone is trying to get in. Usually, when real “financial innovation”, as economists call it, occurs, the innovator winds up much bigger than any of us here. For instance, Milken created financial innovation by virtually inventing the junk bond industry - a need existed in the marketplace for B and C credit companies to underwrite bond issues for investment capital, and he saw the need and fulfilled it. Truly new ideas are a rare thing indeed, and you can bet that, if you really have stumbled onto something new, it’s only a matter of (a very short) time before someone else copies it.

Write up a course… - Posted by Mario

Posted by Mario on October 05, 2003 at 11:59:53:

and become a guru…


Re: Responses on ‘sweet deal’ post - Posted by JeffGinFL

Posted by JeffGinFL on October 05, 2003 at 11:29:15:

If you post it Michaela, I will read it. Thanks for the generosity you have extended!

I have learned and continue to learn from your many posts here. I think your posts about your partnering deal earlier this year were some of the best ever! Every newbie should be made to read that situation to learn what can really happen in this business.

Gathering info on Creonline is much like putting a good deal together - none of the info you need ever resides in one location. You need to look at various posts, search the archives, check the How To articles, make some phone calls to some folks you have built a relationship with (yes this happens and does take time) but simply put, you have to work at it. Just like anything else of value in this world, knowledge is earned through time, diligence, and participation.


Mixed Review - Posted by Scott Vorous - CDA, ID

Posted by Scott Vorous - CDA, ID on October 05, 2003 at 10:25:01:

I’ve been an investor and member of this website for sometime now and I can’t begin to thank all of you for the keen insights and wisdom you’ve brought to me and my business. I’ve grown to appreciate ALL input, whether it’s from the “greenest” newby or the most seasoned pro. Bottom line, this is a forum where we discuss aspects of this business in it’s detail up close and unfettered by fear of competition. Just last night, I called an investor friend from San Antonio and asked him a question regarding a S2 on an interim construction loan… he gave me the specific detail that I needed and I’m deeply grateful to him. As we signed off, he called me “brother”. We’re ALL “brothers and sisters” in this game and this site brings us closer via the internet. What a cool thing…

Now, the down side. There is a danger in giving a new investor too much information up front. When someone (on this site) asks for a S2 contract; this scares me as this side of the business is fraut (sp) with legal entanglements that will destroy your business unless you’re ready. Take time to learn the basics… order the courses you need and then we can talk and share our experiences on an mutual basis. You can’t cut corners on education. Besides, having the proper education brings you credibility.

For those who wish to share, wonderful! For those who wish to share completely, that’s wonderful too. Either way, ask your questions and be grateful for the answers you get. Follow up with proper education and you too will be making the big money. Cheers!

You go girl… - Posted by mattc - mi

Posted by mattc - mi on October 05, 2003 at 09:25:34:

You go girl…

I searched just the current posts on this page - and
you went into some details already. Sounds like you have a profitable niche now.

I like your ideas on work also - refreshing.

Thanks for posting, and take care,

mattc - mi

Re: Don’t let it bother you - Posted by Tom (GA)

Posted by Tom (GA) on October 05, 2003 at 08:03:12:


Some of us appreciate the bits and pieces of information you and the others provide unselfishly day after day. The kids of today expect that things be given to them on a silver platter and cry “b*tch” when they don’t get their way or don’t get it for free.

I just hope this does not discourage you from future participation on this or any site. I know that when you post, it will be something new and exciting to read about, and not the usual ?It?s spelled R-E-A-L-T-O-R? crap.

Tom (N of ATL)

Re: Responses on ‘sweet deal’ post - Posted by RichV(FL)

Posted by RichV(FL) on October 05, 2003 at 06:16:45:


I dont blame you. Competition is heavy in your area just like mine. Newbies scooping up everything at asking price (or over) for gods sake.

Most of those people are buying on speculation rather than investing. Thats ok though, they wont last long. The creative investors will buy them out when they cant hack it anymore.

Get paid…thats all that counts.

Now with that aside, how about sharing some of those techinques with your friend from Florida? :wink:

Just kidding!

Great Success,


Re: Responses on ‘sweet deal’ post - Posted by Thewaggingfinger

Posted by Thewaggingfinger on October 04, 2003 at 23:03:01:

Hey if you dont wanna share keep that to your self. Someone else, or other people are bound to learn the way you did, anyway.

My concern is that write-up like yours might begin to corrupt the remarkable, and unique spirit of sharing, openness and camaraderie on this forum.

You dont wanna share ? Fine. Have it all to yourself. Just dont expect nothing from nobody. That’s how the LAWS work.

But please keep this type of talk away from this board. This is because once you introduce this element of self/me/mine/selfish/selfcentered etc., then you will see this Board gradually go down the drain, with folks holding stuff to themselves, not sharing amd envying others etc. That will mean an end to the NUMBER 1 REAL ESTATE SITE IN THE WHOLE WORLD (CREONLINE). We dont want creonline to become another one of those bum-sites touting real estate knowledge and info. Creonline is the real deal, the holy grail, the mother of all real estate boards, the big kahuna, the alpha and the omega, the Man, the one and the only, and the undisputed, all time super heavy weight champion of the creative real estate world.

It has helped a lot of people and will help many more. It has made a lot of money for a lot of people and will make more money for many more. It has changed lives, and will change even more lives. You know why Michael ? Because unlike other bum-sites on the internet, people on this site share. Everyone knows that there is a certain spirit of openness and sharing that has blessed creonline. You know this Michaela. We all know this. That is the secret to this board.

So Micheala keep it to yourself if you choose. Keep it all to yourself, but please keep such parochial, narrow-minded sentiment off this board. Ok Michaela Jackson ? OK. have a good night.

The Wagging Finger

Re: Responses on ‘sweet deal’ post - Posted by Ann

Posted by Ann on October 04, 2003 at 21:42:24:

Hey!, you’re missing a good opportunity. Get your self a website, package your technique and development some links to other websites and sell to people who want to know how to use your approach. Think e-commerce. Some of the people that have asked for this information from you might be willing to pay for your information. Many people on this site have developed real estate techniques that they sell. You can be a b*tch but don’t be stupid. Opportunity knocks on many doors…you can’t answer the door if you’re no listening. If real estate “gurus” tell people not to do land deals and you can do them with your technique then you already have a marketing tool. You want to keep it to your self…not everybody that wants to know how to do this is in competition with you. If you live in New York and some lives in Ohio, anyway you get it. Instead of telling folks to go back in the achives tell people what is would cost to get the information. Find out what price they will pay.

Re: It’s more common than you think. - Posted by Jim V

Posted by Jim V on October 04, 2003 at 21:25:51:

A good niche can be very productive in a financial sense. Sure, you can share it with someone in a totally different state, but, you never know if they are going to share the info with someone right in your backyard.

Congatulations on knowing where to draw the line. I think a week or so ago, Brent(IL) touched on the 2% that remains with a person, even though they may be willing to share 98% of other things they’ve learned.
Guard that 2%.

Give it a rest will ya? - Posted by Annoyed

Posted by Annoyed on October 05, 2003 at 16:02:04:

Don’t you ever get tired of hearing yourself talk?

Re: Responses on ‘sweet deal’ post - Posted by Michaela-ATL

Posted by Michaela-ATL on October 05, 2003 at 12:38:21:

Thank you. Wow, you read all those posts? (And aren’t you glad, they somehoe stopped archiving last fall? I think those were only my posts in the first few months when I came on this board :wink: )

No, i never build anything. I just don’t have access to the necessary funds and have no interest in doing another partnership for any deals. Alos, I’m planning to leave Atlanta in the spring and don’t want to start anything major.


Re: Responses on ‘sweet deal’ post - Posted by michaela-ATL

Posted by michaela-ATL on October 05, 2003 at 13:03:25:


you’re right! I hope I didn’t brag in that post. I was just really excited about getting this deal. I’ve made no secret about the fact, that I wholesale lots to builders. What I don’t want to go into detail in a nice little package is how I find them and how I find those owners and how I find the buyers. Yes, it’s all there in all of the answers I’ve given on creonline one time or another. I don’t think there’s anything, that I’ve held back. But it’s all in bits and pieces. And like everything in Real estate it’s up to the person to put everything together and put their own spin on it. I don’t think, that the people, that need to be spoonfed everything, will survive long in this business.


Re: Responses on ‘sweet deal’ post - Posted by Michaela-ATL

Posted by Michaela-ATL on October 05, 2003 at 12:59:14:

thanks for the nice words :wink: