Hello John Merchant!


Okay, so I’m a little slow, and probably the last to find out that you’re now co-hosting the Legal Forum–finally!

It’s about d**n time! You’ve been carrying the load here for so long Bill B. should be paying you a retainer!

Welcome, and keep those great posts coming.

Best regards,

Host, CRE Online Commercial Real Estate Forum

John Merchant rocks


Good to see you as one of the forum co-host. Way over due as Ray points out.

Will you be at the Las Vegas Summit? As I will already be in the US I adjusted my travel so will be there for the 3 days. It has been a long while since we last met for breakfast off I-5 in WA State.


Welcome aboard (officially)!

Guess we all just considered you the multiforum host for so long I didn’t even notice the change here!

Thanks for all your great posts John,

Tony Colella

Thanks for welcome

Wow, thanks for warm welcome and I’m honored to join you big guys here on CRE!