Commercial Real Estate Financing

We are a private money lending company that gives out loans to investors/Businesses.

Funding Ranges from $1MM - $200MM
Duration ranges from 1- 20Yrs

We close on all Real Estate loans Including Commercial deals and Business Loans in as early as 4-8 working days.

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you or anyone have a project that needs financing. Brokers are also welcome to work with us for a 1.5-2% Commission.

Alpha Umar
Tel: +1 484 240 3694

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Have adjusted your criteria with the Corona pandemic?

Do you charge up front fees?

HI! no I do not charge up front fees you can email me directly at thanks for reaching out

I run an online loan marketplace connecting borrowers and lenders. As an real estate investor myself I know how hard it can be to find financing for investment properties, especially once you start moving up into commercial real estate. I own everything from single family, multi family, office buildings, commercial and land development. Growing my portfolio over the years required investor friendly lenders. If you have a deal and are looking for financing visit us at:

And @alphaumar - maybe you’d consider joining our network?

Hi, I am a real estate agent in Bowie, Maryland. How can we help each other?

Realtors near me

Hello, do you have any project coming up in need of financing? Reach out at-

Hello, everyone! I simply want to know how and where to invest in real estate. How to get started with investing and why real estate investment is a good investment. I want to know everything. Please help me!