Are NON Recourse Loans still available?

Are these still around or have they dried up?

Yes they are, but if you dont have substaintial net worth as well as an impressive track record, you wont qualify.

HMLs still available

Hard money loans (HML) are always available so do some online looking and you’ll find lenders doing them.

I’d sure go slow on getting one though because it’d take a heck of a deal to make a HML worthwhile.

[QUOTE=alcrealestate;885434]Are these still around or have they dried up?[/QUOTE]

Why do you care? Is there a specific deal or objective that makes the other loans unsuitable?

Non recourse loans are very much available. Might have to go to a broker who has access to institutional money as the insurance companies are offering non recourse much more than the banks. I’m seeing banks offer some non recourse, though only to a strong sponsor with a strong deal