10 Top Ways to Market in Real Estate Investing Business:

10 Top Ways to Market in Real Estate Investing Business:

Hello everyone,

Since Marketing is the most important part of every business, I’d like to add to the previous post… and give you a few more methods.

Here’s my list, and I listed it in order with respect to your budget. So if your budget is small, you do the first few things on the list. When you have more money, then you add more strategies IN ADDITION to the ones you’re doing, in the following order:

  1. Calling Ads – For Rent, For Sale, MLS Expireds, Foreclosure Listings, Evicting Landlords, etc. You can find many on CraigsList, in your local paper, on your local FSBO websites, etc. You can get an agent to give you Expireds. Some of them will have phone numbers, and you could use one of append services to add phone numbers where needed. Same goes with Foreclosure listings.

  2. Voice Blasting – there are plenty of service providers on this one. Take the phone numbers and load them together with the brief recording and blast it. However, if you don’t have many, it’s a lot better to call yourself!!

  3. Door Knocking – get a list of foreclosures and go to their door and offer help. Use Microsoft Street & Trips to optimize routes so you don’t waste time driving around.

  4. Bandit Signs – “We Buy Houses” or “Sell Your House In 7 Days”
    Put them on wood sticks and place as many as possible. Watch out for sign ordinances.

  5. Direct Mail - Expired Listings – get an agent to give you Expireds, Cancelleds, Withdrawn and mail them a letter or a postcard. You need to do this in 2-3 steps. Important is to mail to them AS SOON AS they expire, otherwise they will relist it and then won’t be interested.

  6. Direct Mail – Foreclosure Listings – subscribe to a list provider; some title companies or agents will give them to you for free. Filter to narrow down your list – that is CRUCIAL!

  7. Ads in Newspaper – under Houses For Sale, or Real Estate Services. Typical ads are “We buy houses”, “Cash for Houses Fast”, “Sell Your House in 7 Days”, etc.

  8. Direct Mail – Targeted Lists – this is where you totally eliminate competition, but it is more costly to mail than the above. You can target 30/60/90 days lates; saturation mailings (every route in a ZIP – postage gets very low); different type of loans out there; different type of equity positions; divorces, evictions, owners with different type of liens, etc. Your imaginations will produce an endless possibilities.

  9. Pay-Per-Click – Google, Bing, Facebook PPC advertising. Make sure you have a website with the squeeze page so you can capture them. Optimization is the key here.

  10. Social Media and Google+ – make sure you’re targeting local. Don’t buy properties out of town – too much hassles and the “diamond is in your back yard”.

IMPORTANT: the most important thing with marketing and with the above effort is… TRACKING!!! It’s a must, or you’re shooting blind!! You will never get good at this if you don’t know what’s working and what’s not!!

DIRECT MAIL is my favorite because it allows precise targeting – if you want houses in Foreclosure, then you get that list, if you want Free&Clear houses then you get that list, etc. It’s the only method that allows you precise targeting, but it needs the know how.

TRACKING again is the most important. So find out what marketing piece works best for you… is it a postcard, a letter, a check letter, a yellow letter, etc.

BE CREATIVE – get creative to increase the response. We mail check letter looking mailings, air mail envelopes, transparent envelopes, torn envelope in half w letter in it, lumpy mail with round-toit, alka selcer pills, million dollar bill, fridge magnet, etc. etc. One of my best responses was the letter in a ziplock bag – I mailed thousands of those.

RESPONSE – it really varies from city to city – in bigger cities where there is a lot of competition, generally it is around a few % or even lower. In my area, in So. California, there’s no way you will have 10% response – if I even show up with pizza at their door, it will not be that high :slight_smile:

IT’S GOING DOWN – and your response will go down as the market is heating up – we’ve been seeing it in the last few months.

BUT… I’ve made a fortune on 0.02% – 1% response. The key is to get your few deals done, and after that you’ll be able to spend on marketing whatever you want. For example, would you spend $3000 to make $30,000, right? Any day of the week. So if you sent out 5,000 postcards, and got 10 – 50 calls, and ended up doing one deal with 30k profit, would it be worth it! Of course.

WHERE DO YOU START? You start by CALLING sellers. So even if you have money for marketing you need to start with calling first, unless you are already an experienced investor!! The reason is, that every method listed will cost money (bandit signs cost money, voice blasting cost money, etc.), so when the phone rings, there’s a $ cost associated with that ring. Therefore, you do not want to practice your phone form, and your phone skills on the calls that take money to generate. That’s waste of money. So my advice is, talk to min 100 sellers first before you start marketing. In addition to getting good on the phone, you may find a deal or more.

So my friends, get busy!! You will be glad you did!!

Read the “How To” articles, the Blog here, tune in the weekly newsletters you’re getting from this site, and talk to a lot of sellers! If you persist, you will change your life!!

Good luck!

P.S. don’t get discouraged if you don’t have money for marketing!! I was there myself and I, as many other successful investors started out of desperation. You’re only one deal away from a nice marketing budget!

Great post Marko! Newbies should print that out and chart their course.



You took the words out of my mouth. Great message, Marko.


REIAs and networking

Thats a find list indeed Marko. Mind if I borrow it someday? :slight_smile:

I think one thing that should be addd is netoworking. Joining your local REIA, going to real estate investor meetups on meetups.com, joining your local chambers of commerce or even crahsing the other chamber meetings on “business after hours”, as well as Business Networking International (BNI) are great ways to meet potential investors, real estate egents, contractors, marketing people, you name it. BNI and REIAs (if you dont mind the ocasional product pitch) have been the two best for me and my biz.

I agree all those methods you mentioned do work, but belly to belly netoworking - you cant beat it. Its helped me tremedously.

What is the best way to get good, very specific info on using direct mail to find sellers for sub2? I do not need a whole sub2 course, just good info on the marketing side. I have used bandit signs in the past and had some success, but this time around, and especially going into the winter, I want to give direct mail a shot. I have heard of others having great success with it, so if you can please lead me in the right direction I will really appreciate it.

Way to go Marko.

I particularly like the suggestion that you focus on your phone skills before spending money creating leads. If a person can not close the deal, more leads is a bit of a problem.

Marko - you said that direct mail is your favorite. Any ideas about where to get good, specific and detailed info on direct mail marketing for sub2?

Another great direct mail list to target is probate lists.

I am using Florida-probate-data . com to target 2 counties currently and am getting positive results.

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Hope this would help you out, thanks!

When people argue that marketing initiatives are pricey, it is a frequent misconception that gives real estate investor marketing a bad rap. The truth is that you have complete control over how much – or how little – work you put into your marketing efforts. For example, social media and networking are two free ways to spread the word about your company, and word of mouth is quite important. You can only go so far with your marketing efforts. Developing a strong word-of-mouth network, which is every investor’s best asset, should be as simple as creating an impactful brand identity for your business, establishing an articulate marketing campaign, and continuing to maintain meaningful relationships with prior clients.
Here are some ways to market in the real estate investing business:

  1. Take advantage of social media
  2. Get to know each customer by name
  3. Create a network of connections
  4. Pay attention to public relations
  5. Do everything you can afford to do
  6. Be unique
  7. Make use of client testimonials
  8. Make Deals With Local Businesses
  9. Make an investment in data analytics.

Nice list! Another thing I see frequently which is essentially free, though it “costs” quite a bit of time, is going around neighborhoods yourself and dropping fliers in post boxes.

Thanks for sharing!!
I’m also sharing some creative real estate marketing tips here:

  1. Run Email Marketing Campaigns
  2. Create An Attractive Website
  3. Hire An SEO Specialist For Your Website
  4. Run Paid Ad Campaigns On Social Media
  5. Run A Referral Program
  6. Make Yourself Stand Out Of The Competition
  7. Hire Drone Photography Expert/ Real Estate Photographer
  8. Hire A Great Content Writer
  9. Use Local Images To Show To Your Customers
  10. Have Your Page/Profile On Real Estate Sites
  11. Create An Attractive Business Card
  12. Submit Your News Articles To Local Publications

To read these tips in detail, then you may follow this blog.

Great post to invest in real estate market.