Zoning - Posted by Chad

Posted by jp(sc) on February 04, 2006 at 14:59:13:

Sounds like Iowa stinks. The only thing that comes to mind is to speak to someone in the zoning dept face to face instead of just a letter. I’d ask why they won’t allow home offices. They may have rubber stamped it and didn’t really read the letter. They might have seen the mh dealer application and assumed you were going to try to park mobile homes in your front yard. Who knows. I don’t know of anyone from Iowa who could help you.

Zoning - Posted by Chad

Posted by Chad on February 04, 2006 at 13:19:36:

Ok. I’ve read the books. Got the Iowa application and went to the city zoning department. Told them exactly what I was going to do and then a week later I get a letter stating my house is zoned R3 and I was rejected.

Any ideas? Do people set up an office elsewhere?

I’ve posted on this board before and had some people tell me that I just need to do it anyway. I don’t want to go this route, as it is illegal. I know there are those that haven’t had a problem with this…but what happens if you do? You just left a big paper trail with the state DOT and ignorance is not a good defense.

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Posted by jp(sc) on February 04, 2006 at 14:07:30:

This matter is probably very state specific, and likely, county or municipality specific.

Zoning for my house will not allow me to open up a retail store here, but a home office is no big deal. Chances are you’ve given the impression you intend to open a retail establishment.

Are you trying to set up an “office” to comply with licensing requirements? If so, then telling the DOT your office is at your home address is not going to lead to them cross referencing your local zoning laws to see if that is allowed. This is paranoia.

There may be circumstances which you don’t mention that would make this advice invalid, but it sure sounds to me like you are looking for an excuse why this business won’t work where you are. (possibly even subconsciously) Perhaps if you give more detail on your situation and your state law, someone can help you out.

Re: Zoning - Posted by Chad

Posted by Chad on February 04, 2006 at 14:23:14:

For Iowa, the application states that you need a letter from the local zoning department that you are not violating any zoning laws with the mh license.

I gave the local zoning board a copy of the application and a letter that it was going to be a home business. I told them that I would not have any clients at my residental establishment. The only thing that would happen at home would be taking phone calls and any paperwork for the business. They (zoning) didn’t need to worry about a bunch of people driving through my neighborhood, signage, etc.

Do like JP says! - Posted by TeddyB_SC

Posted by TeddyB_SC on February 04, 2006 at 17:54:08:

Go talk to them. If that doesn’t work, talk to the supervisor. If that doesn’t work ask for a hearing in front of the appeals board.
Stress to them that you are only maintaining business records at your home.
Also, does Iowa specify that you must have a physical business location? If they do, you’ll probably need something other than your current home. Perhaps you can pay someone $1-200 a month to allow you to “hang your shingle” at their business. Or try a relative or friend who lives in an area that has a different zoning than yours.
Whatever it is, you need to solve the issue and start making money.