Yes, Virginia, this stuff DOES work... - Posted by Ric

Posted by Ric on November 30, 2002 at 21:31:17:

OK, guess that the loan was REALLY for 69,300 (77,000 minus the 10% I “put down.”) Here is the breakdown:

Appraisal amount: $77,200
My loan: $69,300
My cash back at close (after rehab): approx $1000

So… I owe about $7900 less than the house is appraised for, plus have a grand in my pocket!

This really was a “no money down” from the Carleton Sheets point of view. I put the carpet installation, appraisal, and paint on my credit card, but I have the cash in hand to pay that off and the bill hasn’t even arrived yet!

Hope this clears things up!

P.S. Your name is really Virginia? Cool…

Yes, Virginia, this stuff DOES work… - Posted by Ric

Posted by Ric on November 28, 2002 at 22:56:58:

Does this real estate thing work? And can you buy property no money down? You bet your sweet bippy you can. I just did. How, you say? Well, here goes…

Drove my “farm” neighborhood back in July. I found a house with grass two feet high and about 10 of those free newspapers rotting in the driveway. I looked in the tax rolls and saw that the owner lived in CA (I’m in Georgia). I wrote a letter asking if he wanted to sell the house. He called back within 72 hours of me mailing the letter saying that he did. He arranged to get me the keys, and I took a look at the house. Though it was in fine shape structurally, cosmetically it was a mess. VERY dirty, lots of yard maintenance needed, smelled like smoke, exterior molded and mildewed. I figured the house was worth about $75k fixed up. After figuring what a realtor, a handyman, a painter, and a yard man would have cost to fix the place up to top-end retail condition, I made him an offer of $62,450, not expecting that he would take it. He did (waitaminit… why didn’t I offer him $60k!!!). Anyway, I fixed up the home while awaiting closing(with his permission… and yes, I know what a risk that was) --paint, carpet, yard work, and pressure washing the exterior. Got a loan for $77k. SO… after paying the seller, paying closing costs, and fixing up the place, I put somewhere around $1000 in my pocket along with almost eight grand in equity, and I will easily be able to rent it out for around $200/month more than my note.

Would I recommend you do it this way? Not necessarily exactly the same, but maybe with some variations. For instance, I wouldn’t recommend you do fix ups before closing. After meeting with this seller, I felt rather sure that he wouldn’t screw me over. He didn’t, thank goodness. But the point is that I honestly did this with NO money down. Though I paid for the paint and carpet out of pocket, I was reimbursed at closing! It works… now I just have to do this over and over and over… OK, so I might never get this lucky again. Point is, that I have a) learned a lot, b) purchased a valuable asset, and c) had a lot of fun!

Press on, it’s worth it!


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Posted by Virginia on November 30, 2002 at 02:51:24:

“I figured the house was worth about $75k fixed up…
Got a loan for $77k”…eight grand in equity??

What am I missing?

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Posted by Ronald * Starr(in No CA) on November 29, 2002 at 14:44:39:


Good for you. Contratulations on making some money when you could have been watching the reruns on TV this summer.

Good InvestingRon Starr*

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Posted by Doug McDowell on November 29, 2002 at 10:19:50:


Just wanted to say Congratulations! It definitely helps to hear from folks who’ve made it work.