Working with Architects - Posted by Joe Zimny

Posted by Thomas Mote, CPM on May 10, 2004 at 17:30:43:

You are far enough off the beaten track here that you will most likely find there are no rules. Typically, in a design/build application, you can expect an architect to charge around 8-10% of the construction costs if they are also doing project management or construction administration.

Considering the properties are located in China, and there will no doubt be regulatory issues there related to design and change of use, you probably want to solicit a Chinese firm to help you. The USA model is probably not even close.

My guess is that if you are very careful about spelling out what you want, finding a national firm is going to be a much better choice for you.

Just an idea. I am not sure how many American architects would want to handle this, but you may find some takers if their exposure is minimal and can handle a lot of the up-front work with some help on the ground there.

Working with Architects - Posted by Joe Zimny

Posted by Joe Zimny on April 27, 2004 at 04:11:52:

We are working witn an investor who purchases distressed assets here in China. There are literally about 30 - 40 large commercial buildings in various stages of completion, that the investor has purchased for very little money, but which require strategic redevelopment options (best use planning, renderings, M&E work, etc.) which we are charged with sourcing and coordinating.

What kind of terms would an architect be willing to extend in return for exclusive access to this kind of long-term deal flow? thanks.