Working lines of credit questions,,, - Posted by David

Posted by William on October 16, 2004 at 17:18:01:

I’ve never gone the hard money route. The hard money guys I know are expensive. They certainly won’t loan for a mere 2k total on a deal. My experience has been bank money is much cheaper than hard money. It sounds like you have a sweet deal.

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Working lines of credit questions, - Posted by David

Posted by David on October 16, 2004 at 04:20:15:

Thanks for reading,I was wondering if anybody knows where I can get a working line of credit to start investing into real estate?

I was in communication with someone before, but I forget who he was and his email address.

I do appreciate your time in responding, andhave a nice day.


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Posted by Ed Garcia on October 18, 2004 at 11:28:22:

A WLOC is not a credit line that is handed out to every borrower or investor. This credit line is provided to borrowers on a case-by-case basis. Remember banks can do any type of loan that they choose too and can create or accommodate terms to suit the borrower.
I can?t teach you what I teach in my workshop, in just one post to help you get a WLOC.
Each borrowers circumstances are different and I modify their presentation to the bank based on their circumstances and my knowledge of bank requirements. Although people have the opinion that banks make loans based on information that is black or white, that is not true, because with each investor there is definitely a gray area and I do a lot of modifying and compensating in that area.
The mechanics and criteria of a ?Working Credit Line? can vary depending on the borrower, the lender, and the circumstances. These lines are not carved in stone and can very from lender to lender. I?ve had a couple of investors in my third workshop, one named Pete Julian, and the other I think was John Longest both from Ohio, and both have several credit lines with different perimeters.
You the investor are the architect of your credit line; the bank is the provider and will try to keep it within their lending policies and guidelines.
If you and your bank have a good working relationship, you?ll find them to be more flexible with their policies and guidelines. That?s why I target small banks rather than large, because it?s easier to establish a relationship with a lender, were you can talk to the principles that are involved with your loan decisions.

David, a working relationship doesn?t mean that you go to the bank get your working credit line and go on your merry way. It means that you go to lunch, golfing, what ever, but spend time with your banker, to develop a relationship not just an acquaintance with your banker.
Both Julian and John, who are not associated with each other, each have one of their credit lines where the bank gives them up to a certain LTV per deal and will let them pull cash for fix up or to keep. These men have been established investors for years and have learned how to improve their lines over the years. There was no Ed Garcia to teach them when they started; it was just trial and error. This trial and error takes time and many times the borrower gets discouraged and just gives up.
There is no question that I streamline that process, but that?s because I?ve been doing this for 34 years.
David, your working credit line is yours, and has to be tailored to meet your needs. However, you may not get what you want your first time out, and may have to earn the credit line that you so desire.
In closing I decided to share with you an old post that I made a while back to someone that asked the same question. I hope that it helps you.

How to get a Working Credit Line
You don?t tell us how much experience you have in investing, which is an important factor to a bank. But the Cadillac of financing for an investor would be a Working Credit Line.

A Working Credit Line is AWSOME.
There are just so many advantages to having a working credit line.
(1) You can make CASH offers, allowing you more profit in your deal.
(2) You can CLOSE faster, making that extra deal, and more profit.
(3) You can SEASON your properties, by leaving them on your line for a while.
(4) You can use it to do FLIPS, where conventional financing is too expensive.
(5) It’s CHEAPER money, meaning you pay 1 or 2 over prime and no points
per transaction.
(6) You can make offers with more confidence, which is projected to the seller,
or Real-estate agent.
(7) There is NO LIMIT, as to how many deals you can do.
(8) It?s easier on your credit score because you can do multiple deals with out affecting your credit score.
And the list goes on. First to obtain a working credit line, you must have a TRACK RECORD.
This would not be a financial tool for a Newbie, the Banks would not want a Newbie,
because of the lack of a track record.
As a rule, a Business Plan is required. I usually recommend soliciting a small local Bank. The reason being, you can easily establish and build a relationship with a small Bank,
rather than just taking a number at a larger National Bank.
David, I teach people how to get a working credit line, and I can assure you that once you have one. You won’t know how you did business with out it. There’s not a whole lot of information I can give you in just one post other than to tell you that, if you think that you’re ready for a working Credit line, I suggest you contact your local community bank, who I feel would be the best candidate for you at this time.

Now let me spend a few minutes telling you about a very important tool in getting a ?Working Credit Line?, a BUSINESS PLAN
A Business Plan is extremely important for 3 reasons.
(1) For you the Investor, it allows you the investor an opportunity to lay out a game plan from beginning to end. In that game plan you can evaluate yourself and your plan. If you done your job right, you can put all the pieces of how you operate together like a puzzle. Such as choosing your title company, appraiser, contractor, tell how you plan to invest in real-estate, your experience level, how you plan to buy, market place, how you plan to market or sell them, What your plans are if they don?t sell, etc.
(2) For you to obtain other Backers (Investors), now you can show them a solid buyable plan, rather than give them some verbal mambo jumbo with holes in it. The Backer will feel more confident in you and your venture, because you have mapped it out for them.
(3) For a Working Credit Line from a Bank. This line is just like having an Investor. It?s designed to allow you to buy property making cash offers to get a better price, cheaper cost for the money, faster closes, get more deals, can season your deal, etc.
David, these are just a few reason for a Business Plan. Yes if your intentions are to just do a deal here or there, you don?t need one. If you plan to be a real-estate investor or entrepreneur, it?s PARAMOUNT, for growth and getting the real money from banks as well as romancing Investors (Backers). A good Business Plan adds CREDIBILITY to you and your real-estate venture.
David, here is an example of an out line of a Business plan that I give in my workshop.

A BUSINESS PLAN is an important tool for the Real-estate entrepreneur in order to obtain a working credit line from a Bank, as well as working with other investors or financiers.
No doubt the entrepreneur grows weary of hearing at every turn about the need for a business plan.
As a banker once told me, I don?t hear too well, but I read real good. Give me your business plan first, then we may talk. The reason for this attitude are several and sound.
First, they want facts, not hype. Most personal presentations are overloaded with hype. Bankers or Investors do not want to be sold a ?bill of goods?.
Second, they want statistical and financial data to message before meeting with the entrepreneur.
Third, they want time to do some independent investigation of both the entrepreneur and the proposed business before meeting the entrepreneur.
Finally, they want some evidence of his analytical and conceptual skills.
Prospective associates should be most interested in your plan. Exactly what do you propose to do? How do you intend to do it? Your plan not only discloses you intentions, but how well you have thought our your venture.
Unfortunately, most entrepreneur give scant thought to many aspects of their proposed Enterprise. It often becomes all too apparent in the business plan that the promoter has not done their homework, therefore is not someone with whom you could trust their information.
Even more importantly, the business plan is essential to you planning. The things you would do in writing a business plan will force you to do many essential tasks that you would likely overlook otherwise. The very act of writing a plan for your proposed business will be most informative to you. Definitely, it instills a much needed discipline to the often overly enthusiastic of the ? eager beaver investor?.
Another definition for business plan, is a ?GAME PLAN,? which in all reality we should have when doing a business venture .For this reason, most college entrepreneurial Programs are built around the writing of a business plan.
Most entrepreneurs or investors, are not familiar as to how to write a business plan.
As a result, they try to find someone to write it for them. There is much business for the person who can write good business plans. Unfortunately, much of the benefit of a business plan is lost if you have somebody else write it for you. Sitting down and pounding out the plan, section by section, forces you to do considerable thinking and evaluation of your plans… Without expectation, entrepreneurs who have written their own business plans, report that they were forced to rethink many aspects of their venture when it became apparent to them that they were some serious flaws in their thinking. The parts did not fit together properly.
Your plan is not a blueprint which you follow step-by-step in creating your empire. Instead, consider it a road map from where you are now, to where you want to go. There will be detours and lots of bad roads, but you will still find you plan helpful even if you are continually changing it as new information and new experiences are encountered.
Not surprisingly, most people first want to know what goes into a business plan. The outline below provides some ideas of what might be included in your plan, depending upon the exact nature of your proposed venture. Although I?m teaching you this plan for the purpose of a banking credit line, I felt it important for you to understand the full value of a business plan. Use common sense! What aspects are there to your new enterprise? You?ll have to plan every aspect of your business, either formally or
informally as you proceed. One way or another you must make a lot of decisions about what you are going to do in all phases of the business.

Summary?An Executive Overviewed
The Concept
The Market
The Organization
Your Credentials
The Product or Service
Production Plans
The Marketing Plan
The Financial Plan
The Schedule
Operating System
Control Systems
Growth Plans
David, Go to there you will find some information on doing a Business Plan.
David, I hope that this post has been helpful to you and wish you well.
Ed Garcia

Re: Working lines of credit questions, - Posted by William

Posted by William on October 16, 2004 at 09:37:03:


I highly recommend you attend the workshop hosted by Ed Garcia and Terry Vaughn if you are interested in obtaining a WLOC. I attended the workshop held in Atlanta last June and reaped some big benefits from it. I had never attended a workshop before but this one was well worth it. The contacts you will make and exposure to the strategies of other working investors makes this a very practical and enlightening experience.

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Re: Working lines of credit questions, - Posted by david

Posted by david on October 18, 2004 at 15:52:30:

Hello, I just wanted to day thanks a lot for the aweseome and very helpful advice…it helped me to understand more!


Re: Working lines of credit questions, - Posted by Sidney R. Shannon

Posted by Sidney R. Shannon on October 16, 2004 at 15:15:34:

I recommend that you go a much cheaper route. All you need is to find a hard money lender that is willing to work with you regardless of your credit. My lender only requires $ 2K on each of the deals I bring him. As you probably know with hard money lenders credit is not a consideration but the deal itself is what’s important.

Also some maybe willing to go no money down if you own a home or have good credit.

Re: LLC and Buisness line of Credit - Posted by Warren

Posted by Warren on November 03, 2004 at 09:29:09:

My wife and I are fairly new at Realestate Investing. We have bought into a program and have a personal trainer and also have some personal friends who are Realestate Investors. We have about $100k we pulled out of our home to invest with. Our Credit scores are above 700. We are in the process of forming an LLC and have opened an buisness account with the bank. They are just waiting for our tax Id Number. Are we jumping the gun? The bank is going to apply for a buisness line of credit for $100k under the LLC account. Is this a good idea or not?

Re: Working lines of credit questions, - Posted by Maria

Posted by Maria on October 19, 2004 at 11:57:56:

Sidney: Can you explain to me what you mean by cheaper?
If I calculate the amount of hours that I have spent so far with Ed & Terry, either during the seminar and afterwards during the mentoring period, they have made a measly $33/hr. As I anticipate to spend more time with them in the next several months, I expect that this rate will even go down further. Furthermore, Ed already saved me $18,000 and is working on a deal with me that will probably generate a 6 figure income. He is showing me how to present myself as a business, and how to think big. Terry knows everything there is to know about notes and has great ideas in how to structure a deal creatively.
Tell me: where can you find multi-millionaires willing to spend their precious time with someone like me?
They certainly don’t do it for the money. They can make more money in one hour, than I have paid them. And I cannot speak highly enough about their willingness to share their knowledge.
Go ahead and go the cheaper route - I know who has the better deal!!!