Wisc Dealers License (Lonnie HELP!!!) - Posted by John Cantrell

Posted by Daniel on November 08, 2000 at 23:18:18:

Good info. In FL, though, your office space has to be approved by the State before you begin your “delaership”. The guy said my home would not work, so I’m forced to find a cheap office somewhere to satisfy the state. It makes me feel good though that the guy didn’t understand why I would have a dealership and not have a lot with homes to show. Guess that means not much competition!

Wisc Dealers License (Lonnie HELP!!!) - Posted by John Cantrell

Posted by John Cantrell on November 08, 2000 at 15:24:13:

I ordered two of your books last week. Those lonnie deals look great!!!

I just found out in Wisconsin you are only allowed to make 2
sales of mobile homes in a year with you name on the title,after that the state requires me to get a dealers license which requires a $50,000.00 suriety bond, and a business office which is appropriately zoned with a showroom…

I checked in Illinois and the same regulations apply except you are allowed 4 sales in a year in your own name before getting a dealers license…

pleeease tell me there is a way around this red-tape nightmare???God knows i don’t have the money for that…

Institute for Justice - Posted by Sean

Posted by Sean on November 09, 2000 at 08:04:37:

There’s a place called the Institute for Justice (http://www.ij.org/index.shtml) that may be willing to sue the state on your behalf to ease get the licensing requirements eased at no cost to you.

Re: Wisc Dealers License (Lonnie HELP!!!) - Posted by Dave (WI)

Posted by Dave (WI) on November 08, 2000 at 21:17:33:


You are correct, Wisconsin requires a dealers license after 2 MH’s. If you are really going to pursue these Lonnie Deals, you’ll just have to consider this the cost of doing business. I think the cost for the license is around $340. But you get 2 Dealer’s License Plates which you can use on your car!!

When I applied for my license at the beggining of the year a $25,000 bond was required. I believe this cost about $250.00.

As far as the zoning goes, the only thing you have to worry about is an outside entrance that leads directly to your office. My attorney said that if questioned, I’m running my business out of my garage, which has access to the outside. But, I can fall back on local zoning which states that if I’m running a business out of my house, I cannot open my business to the public. You won’t need a showroom, if you don’t have mobile homes to display.

Initially, there is a lot of Red Tape to get started. But once your done, it’s all over. Also, by being a dealer, you’ll get all the information required by the state to ensure your Lonnie Deals are legal.

Where are you located in Cheeseland?