WIN-WIN REQUEST! - Posted by karp

Posted by johnman on January 12, 1999 at 23:22:49:


You just made a wonderful point. I believe some of us are guilty of typing first before thinking and saying things we really don’t mean. We need to stick to the issue and not attack the person. Misinterpretations will be made but a good re-explaining will more than likely clear things up.

Thanks dude for your inputs.


WIN-WIN REQUEST! - Posted by karp

Posted by karp on January 12, 1999 at 22:29:17:

Hi all,

I truly do like the way this thread is going.

I am priniting stuff and reflecting on other stuff etc.

Please do not let this EVER get personal.

One of my challeneges is I type before I think and I am working on that. All I ask is to never make personal attacks on another, just on their viewpoints.



PS: REALLy. Thanks.

Probably The Most Interesting Thread In A While… - Posted by MichaelR (NoVA)

Posted by MichaelR (NoVA) on January 12, 1999 at 23:47:29:

Let’s keep it going… :slight_smile:

Loving it all! (That’s part of the rules in my game.)