Wholesalers/Retailers in SF Bay Area, CA? - Posted by JohnSFBayCA.

Posted by Tony (CA) on August 10, 2001 at 14:35:05:

Hi John,

The BAIES club is meeting next on August 21st. We meet at 6:30 at the Marines Memorial Hotel, San Francisco.
My advice is to study the course that you just ordered along with every how-to article, success story, and post on this site. And a lot of other books and courses. There is no single source that is going to educate you.
And if you find a deal, you may be able to wholesale it to me.

Wholesalers/Retailers in SF Bay Area, CA? - Posted by JohnSFBayCA.

Posted by JohnSFBayCA. on August 10, 2001 at 11:51:53:

I need assistance in getting started with flipping properties and eventually getting into retailing. I have no money, but I know deals can be done with no money. My house has some equity, but my wife and I don’t want to leverage our house to invest in real estate.

Hopefully I can learn from you and maybe do business with some of you.

Are any of you in REI groups that I can attend meetings?

I know I need to put homes under contract, but don’t know where to get them (contracts) or how to fill them out; I know that once I do, I need to contact my investors right away, but I don’t know any and how do I know if they really have the cash? And who handles all the paperwork? Attorneys? Title Cos? Both? It’s the details that are bogging me down.

I’m not afraid of making mistakes as long as I don’t have to mortgage my house to fix them. I really want to quit my job, and wholesale and retail full time.

I ordered Steve Cook’s course and I’m eagerly waiting for it to arrive so I can get started on the road to self-employment and financial independence. And I’ve read through this site over the past few weeks and based on what I’ve read, anyone can get into this and make some serious $$$. I’ve printed all wholesaling and flipping articles I could and carry them with me everywhere in case I have a chance to read them.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.