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****** **Happy Holidays!!! ****

**** It is the last quarter of the year and I AM Still Getting Purchases and Projects Funded!! ****

Fast Approvals, LOIs and Commitments are being issued for prepared deals!!

“Use PEI cash and close your deals!!!”

My Private Investment Funds have Billions remaining to invest this quarter and are still Approving and Funding loan requests unaffected by the primary markets.

If you have deals that still need financing before this year’s end… CONTACT ME TODAY!

Many lenders are wrapping up and shutting things down, but I have several BIG Investment Funds with many Billions to disburse to fund your capital requirements.

My Private Investment Funds have asked me to help them continue moving their money (under much more lenient guidelines) and they are keen to invest and partner with you in success.

There are 2 types of deals that MY PEI Funds are looking to fund right now.

1st Type - Deals which require an Approval and/or Funding Promptly.

2nd Type - Deals which have a vision for 2021 and beyond.

The Explanation of ‘‘Vision Deals’’ for 2021 and beyond:

My Private Equity Investments Funds are currently hot and heavy with funding Lines of Credit between USD$1Million to USD$100Million+ into escrow accounts for our clients. (Higher amounts are possible where required.)

These LOC funds are being made available in as quickly as 10 business days for Real Estate Acquisitions and Project Financing, Import/Export Transactions, Alternative Energy Project Financing, etc…

Primary Requirements/Qualifications for a USD$1Million to USD$100Million+ Line of Credit:

1). The client must have prior, successful investment experience.

2). A comprehensive Intended Use of Funds must be provided.

(Naturally, each investment must show ability to cover the required debt service.)

Whether you have a deal that needs Approval and Funding promptly or just want to increase your purchasing power by USD$1Million to USD$100Million+, we can get a $1Million to $100Million Line of Credit Approved to be funded into escrow for your company in as little as 10 business days after you have provided the requested documents and completed the required lending forms.

(Higher amounts take just an additional 5 to 10 business days with our Investment Fund partners.)

My Private Equity Investment Funds are continuing to issue Approvals and provide the funding required!!

Thank you again to all of my non-skeptical and cooperative, true professionals whom i am privileged to have as my clients and referring brokers.

If you find yourself in need of a Line of Credit, true 100% Loan-to-Costs project financing, 100% combined LTV purchase financing or up to 80%LTV Bridge and Hard Money Loans, do not hesitate to email me to get connected to truly phenomenal, highest leverage financing with my well-established Private Equity Investment Funds.

In general, deals must meet the following criteria for each successful transaction:

Commercial Real Estate Purchases: (International)

  • Loans amounts from USD$1,000,000 to USD$500M (Larger loans available at debt + equity structures)

  • The property must have at least 70% occupancy

  • Any costs to rehab, expand or repair must not exceed 50% of the loan amount

  • Equity Cash-Outs are possible at closing

Commercial Real Estate Development and Alternative Energy Projects:

  • Minimum loan amount of USD$1Million to No Upper Limit

  • The project must be shovel-ready–defined as intended to break ground in 180 days or less;

Bridge and Hard Money Loans

  • Up to 80% of current Full Market Value

My Process:

The process begins by completing my Application or by submitting your Executive Summary.

Equity Participation for Joint Venture/Profit Share Deals

During formal underwriting, the fund will determine its equity participation in the project–typically 25%-33% (one quarter to one third of net profits). As such, they will take a minority profit share in the project for the agreed loan term after which they will look to exit the investment via sale or refinance of the property within 1 to 10 years.


  • Apartment Buildings/Multifamily Housing

  • Assisted Living/Senior Housing

  • Office Buildings

  • Hotels/Resorts/Casinos (Hospitality and Entertainment Properties)

  • Alternative/Renewable Energy (i.e, solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, etc.)

  • Green Energy (i.e., biofuel/biodiesel, biomass, waste-to-energy, etc.)

  • Hospitals and Health Care Facilities

  • Infrastructure (roads, highways, rail, etc.)

  • College and University Buildings

  • Public-Use and Recreational Facilities

  • Industrial Projects

  • Other Related Types


  • Minimum Loan Size - USD$1,000,000 for Purchases / USD$1Million Developments

  • Maximum Loan Size - No Upper Limit with combined debt plus equity structures

Primary Locations:

  • U.S., Canada, Mexico, South America, Central America, UK, EU, Caribbean, Bahamas and associated territories

Joint Venture Terms:

  • **100% Financing in exchange for 25% to 33% profit share for Joint Venture Funding (no liens placed on properties)

  • Typically 1 to 10 year funding term depending on projected income and ROI

  • Early BuyOut permitted

  • No payments during development/construction

  • Minority equity stake in lieu of interest

  • Take out with property sale or refinance

  • The JV Funds are considered repaid upon return of principal plus agreed ROI


  • 100% Financing up to 80% of Completed Value for Commercial Real Estate Acquisitions and Developments as well as Alternative Energy Projects…

  • Up to 100% Combined Loan To Value Financing for Purchases

  • 25% to 33% Average Profit Share!..

  • No Payments During Development/Construction Periods!

  • Leverage 100% and Save and Profit Millions!!!

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to submit your request TODAY!!!


If you have a project all ready to submit, please submit it at the link below:

[SUBMIT PROJECT HERE!!!](https://tinyurl.com/yy7ognpo

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