Who do you get to work on a mobile home? - Posted by Rich

Posted by brad on April 18, 2002 at 14:16:53:

If you get into this biz you will slowly become more knowlegable about repairs. my suggestion at first would be to figure out which end of the hammer to hit your thumb with and get your feet wet. if you do not have a clue what goes into these units you will get taken to the cleaners when you find a handy man. and i am not talking about to get the rug done. there are people out there, a great place to look is the maintence man of a local park. (S)he is usually underpaid and willing to do work on the side. or look in the paper and find the work wanted section. if your buying in a park ask the p.M. to suggest someone.

Who do you get to work on a mobile home? - Posted by Rich

Posted by Rich on April 18, 2002 at 14:05:26:


Nice forum here. Lots of information. I’ve read Lonnie’s book, “Deal On Wheels” and it’s great as well. One thing on my mind though: Who do you get to work on these trailers when something needs repaired (either after buying or after repo’ing one)?

My Grandma lives in a mobile and she has had a terrible time finding someone good that will come to her place and fix things; soon as they find out that it’s a trailer, they won’t come. Why is that? And it seems like she has a terrible time finding replacement parts for things such as faucets, sinks, pipes, stools, whatever, as well. She lives in an older trailer and many of these items are no longer made for her unit.

So, is it just where she lives or is finding a good “trailer repair guy” a common denominator of this field? I have a hard time telling the claw end of a hammer from the feet of my cat and I like fixing stuff about the same as eating silly putty, so I really need to be able to find someone good and reliable that could do this when needed.

I realize this doesn’t seem that significant of an issue but it really could be – is getting help to work on mobiles a significant difficulty?

Thanks for your answers and good investing!