Which way to go??! - Posted by Milligan_Fl

Posted by Milligan_Fl on January 28, 2003 at 11:50:48:

Need some advice on which direction to take?

I am definitely ready to get started in real estate and have studied different avenues for some time. I am down to two choices and feel like I need to decide on one to put ALL my energy into it. Here are the two choices:

  1. Real Estate Paper investing. Of course, starting out would be “flipping” to investors until I can acquire them myself. However, seems like you have to have a lot of money and energy for marketing and building a referral base.

  2. Real Estate Rehab. The advantage I have here is my Father-in-law has done this full time for the last ten years. Also, he has ALL CASH to put down (including repairs), he would mentor me, and we would split the profits 50/50. BUT it seems like it might require alot more work (buying, contracting, negotiating, finding a seller)than the note business??!

I realize that either choice will take alot of hard work, and success is not guaranteed. Just curious if any seasoned investors can give me some direction! Please let me now what you think!