When submitting an offer to the seller - Posted by Carl M

Posted by BillW. on December 03, 2000 at 11:52:15:

You are giving the seller too much information and they are SHOPPING YOUR OFFER.
Yes, just do the purchase and sales agreement first. The other paperwork can be done at the closing. When you give them everything, the light comes on in their head. Now they see how to cure their problem and they then take all your hard work, ideas and paperwork and shop around for a better price. They can always find someone to take the deal at a higher price. Don’t give them the details. Also, you have let them have control. When you send papers, tell to sign and return in 10 minutes or the deal’s off. Otherwise, they will go and shop your deal around to get a better price for themselves. Remember, greed is a key factor in most seller’s decisions, and they won’t hesitate to cut you out of the deal if they think they can make a dollar on you.
You stay in control or you’ll lose deals.

When submitting an offer to the seller - Posted by Carl M

Posted by Carl M on December 03, 2000 at 11:20:53:

Is it smart to just get the purchase and sales agreement signed first, and then have them sign the trust agreement and assignment etc. at a later time? Or is it better to present all of the paperwork at once?

Just wondering if all this paperwork scares these sellers off!

I’ve had 3 sellers who were gung ho on selling to me subject to with a trust and when I sent them all of the documents to sign and return they just kind of disappeared from the face of the earth! (1 was a local seller) (2 were out of state sellers, where the houses were here and the sellers were out of state residents)

Never heard from them again. What did I do wrong?

I’ve seen similar situations posted here and really haven’t interpreted a true answer.

I have tried to call both of these parties and they don’t answer. I get put into voice mail and I leave a nice message for them to return my call and they don’t call!!

I surely must be doing something wrong and I ask you guys…What is it???

Carl M