When Do I Whip Out The Contract? - Posted by Dick Johnson

Posted by David Alexander on June 15, 1999 at 01:06:37:

You get all the numbers agreed upon, usually verbally, or on a piece of paper, that ya’ll both can see, while siting down at the kitchen table. You don’t call it a contract, It is a purchase agreement. You get everything down in writing, what is yours with the deal, refridge, etc, etc. How the transaction is going to take place, a deposit and money later when he leaves the place clean, etc. You can still do business as this is no big deal, just don’t show up in a suit(my opinion, then again, I’m always in shorts even buying 90k houses).

If your talking about the selling side, yes whip out the contracts, make sure they understand they are buying this home and your are the company you represent(thank you Dave S.) are financing this home for them, and they need to make this payment before any other at all cost. Be nice, but be firm. You’ll have less headaches later.

David Alexander

When Do I Whip Out The Contract? - Posted by Dick Johnson

Posted by Dick Johnson on June 14, 1999 at 18:40:29:

Hello All,

OK, I’m belly to belly w/ a mobile home owner. I’ve done the bonding thing with him and now we’ve gotten down to business. He’s real skeptical about companies which is why he likes me so much (just lil’ ol’me). Now we’re putting together our understanding on price and everything. Do I put everything down on a plain piece of paper or use one of Lonnie’s contracts immediately? The reason for my question is that I’m afraid if I whip out Lonnie’s contract, I might scare the guy away and I don’t want that.

Not trying to be ingrateful but, please don’t give me the “if he’s really motivated, he’ll sign anything you put in front of him” line. With that perspective, I will lose a lot of business.