What to pay project manager?? - Posted by Tommy T

Posted by ray@lcorn on July 18, 2007 at 15:32:23:


If you’ve got an individual that can do what you describe, send me the phone number.

Just kidding, almost. The person that can perform the tasks described is worth gold. They’re known as professional project managers, and because of the wide range of skill sets involved, they’re almost always found working for engineering, contracting and development firms.

They’re usually paid a salary with full benefits, with bonuses based on time, budget and sales goals. The bonuses may be a percentage of gross, net, or salary. That part would be negotiable.

Your best bet may be to hire a contracting firm that specializes in project management. Often the cost is about the same.

Every now and then you find a project manager who has struck out on their own as a consultant, or is between projects, or retired and bored. But always check references, and be prepared to meet a very strong personality. Some of the best I’ve worked with seem to have a knack for clashing with others on the team.

But I have no room to talk about personality styles… I learned the development business working for a developer as a project manager. I brought projects in on time and on budget, didn’t really care who I had to climb over or around to get it done, and always got a piece of the action.

Which is also why I wound up running my own show sooner than most… I was told (more than once) that I didn’t work and play well with others.


What to pay project manager?? - Posted by Tommy T

Posted by Tommy T on July 14, 2007 at 12:29:04:

For you developers… What is the customary method for determining the
compensation for a project manager? Project is developing raw land, from
getting entitlements through construction of 60 residential units, townhomes/
rowhomes. Asumptions are the manager has extensive experience, will run
entire process, bring the project in on time/budget. Do they customarily get a
percent of the net, a flat fee, or???