What To Do With A "Haunted" House? - Posted by Trump Man

Posted by Brent_IL on October 26, 2003 at 01:44:52:


What To Do With A “Haunted” House? - Posted by Trump Man

Posted by Trump Man on October 24, 2003 at 22:36:53:

Here’s a question that’s just in time for the holiday!

I currently have a house under a lease option that my tennants belive is haunted. The current tennant/buyers are seeing “shadows” out of the corner of their eyes, and their cats constantly meow at “something” at 3AM in the morning.

I remember when I tied up the property under LO, it was a bit cold in the place when I walked through to see it - this was in the middle of summer, it was like 80+ degrees out and they had their AC off. I thought it was pretty weird, but I really didn’t think anything of it. All I thought was a motivated seller - I was ready to take the deal!

Now, I’m thinking that my current TB’s are not going to buy the place. Maybe it IS haunted, or maybe it’s their imagination. It IS a possibility. But since I don’t live there, I really don’t ever see or hear anything strange except for what my TB’s are telling me.

I’m concerned that IF my current TB’s don’t buy it and decide to move out, am I going to have problems getting new TB’s? Should I tell prospective TB’s right off the bat that I think the place MIGHT be haunted?

Has anyone else had experiece of “haunted” houses?

Re: Turn it into an asset - Posted by Kathi

Posted by Kathi on October 27, 2003 at 09:53:38:

Casper the Friendly Ghost?

Seriously, the cat could be meowing at mice or squirles or racoons in the attick…or other cats in the neighborhood.

I live in a neighborhood of Victorian homes near the Toledo Museum of Art. Recently one of our mansions set a record for sales price when it was not even on the market. The former owners had put their home on our yearly neighborhood home tour. A prospective employee of the Museum was in town and visited the house. As part of the tour they were told of the goast of a young woman who was often seen descending the grand stairway in formal attire. For many decades it was the custom for the owners to place a martini on the window sill below the large Tiffany window on the landing behind the window seat. This was apparently the young lady’s favorite drink. The buyers fell in love with it and made an offer considerably higher than the selling price when the house was purchased less than a year befor, setting a neighborhood record. In our neighborhood, a friendly ghost is often seen as a feature.

That being said, different folks have different takes on “ghosts”. If the tenant failes to excersize his or her option than just keep the option money and do it again.

The Amityville wh_rehouse - Posted by Hank FL

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I grew up in a 6 bedroom, 100++ old southern colonial house on the south shore of “Lawn Guyland”. The place had a rich history. During prohibition for instance, the property was used to bring in a heck of alot of booze. I lived on Great South Bay and the boathouse had a lookout tower on top. The boathouse was scary, the house was kinda scary, the carriage house was a little scary as well.

There were a few deaths and even a “suicide” in my old house. My friends used to hum the first few bars of the “Adams Family” theme when they came over.

"Da da da da, snap, snap, da da da da, snap, snap …

Not many trick or treaters would bother knocking on the door. I would even get spooked sometimes. The house next door was even worse.

The Amityville Horrorhouse was not far away. Tourists from all over the place used to drive down my street looking for the “Amityville Horrorhouse”. Some of these people from Canada and WI would pronounce it, the Amityville “wh_rerhouse”. I used to mess with them, “Wh_rehouse ? , nah, you’re in the wrong neighborhood for that mister.”

BTW, that Defeo kid that killed his family used to hang out with scary kid in the really scary house next door. The day of the murder(s), he was told to go home because he was acting crazy.

I forgot one thing - Posted by John

Posted by John on October 25, 2003 at 20:56:41:

I?m not happy with you as a person. You have not lived up to my expectations. In order for you to correct this situation you must come to my house tomorrow morning before 7:00 am and wash my car. I expect you to bring everything you need to complete this task. That includes the water.

And be quiet about it. My neighbors and I are important people.

This is very serious indeed - Posted by John

Posted by John on October 25, 2003 at 20:50:35:

As a real estate investor your highest job should be to placate the needs and desires of every fool you stumble across throughout your life.

You don?t want to do what my mentor does. When a T/B calls with a problem she hangs up. (they keep paying the rent) They call again. She hangs up. (the rent keeps coming in)
The next call they threaten law suits. She tells them to pay the rent, read the contract, and hangs up. (the rent keeps coming in)

She is a stupid woman. She has no idea what it is to be an investor.

“CASH COW”, NEXT !.. & MO MONEY? - Posted by Paul

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Heres what you do - Posted by Bedros

Posted by Bedros on October 25, 2003 at 20:36:15:

If the house was cold then you might have a haunted house on your hands. You hang corsses all over and see what happens. whne the cat meows you tell them to heng corsses where the cat is meowing. Just to keep selling the place or get rid of it. Or you have to have an exorsism. Belive me they do exist. Dont listen to these idiots in here they dont know whats going on. Also have the holy bible in every room and you probably have to have a priest come in and perform an exorsism. Belive it or not its true. i dont know what else to say but my email does not work so if you want email me your phone number and i can call you back. Good luck and god bless you.


Have an excorcism(LOL) - Posted by Tiffany B

Posted by Tiffany B on October 25, 2003 at 18:17:44:

Kidding…But not really. Be it fact or fiction placate the buyer. Your job should be to give them the warm and fuzzies. And if that means getting a ghostbuster or some other ceramonial activity—get busy.

Re: What To Do With A “Haunted” House? - Posted by John

Posted by John on October 25, 2003 at 16:20:01:

Be very concerned. Most communities HAVE occupancy limits for residential properties. You MAY already be over your limit. Who knows HOW many tenants you have in there. So start putting the SCREWS to your tangible tenants and charge them more. This problem was created by them. (In court use the very successful ?who smelt it dealt it approach?)

Re: What To Do With A “Haunted” House? - Posted by Doug K

Posted by Doug K on October 25, 2003 at 11:46:21:

You should not be wooried about your TB’s not buying the house. The Idea is monthly cash flow. Expect to go through 3 tenants before someone buys the house. It’s just the way it happens.

Remember, every time someone leaves, you get a new downpayment from the next TB. You should have put away at least 3 monthly payments to cover any vacancies ( this money comes from what the 1st TB gave you as option consideration)

Re: What To Do With A “Haunted” House? - Posted by Heather -Tx

Posted by Heather -Tx on October 25, 2003 at 11:25:48:

Tell your T/B that this is a great time of the year for that! They can charge admission and make enough to pay several months worth of payments to you! LOL

Just kidding really =) I go with the call ghostbusters! HA HA


Stop the “Rumors” now! - Posted by Scott Vorous

Posted by Scott Vorous on October 25, 2003 at 10:22:55:

Listen, I’ve had two properties that I’ve owned (and sold) where people had died. People die in houses all the time! I mean, where else are they going to die… walk out in the backyard and croak? My grandfather had a heart attack at the breakfast table and fell into his corn flakes… I’m not afraid of the house (or the corn flakes). If you believe what “John Edward” is telling you, know that spirits are all around you. I personally believe in the “holy spirit” but that’s just me. Best advise I can give (and have used)… stop the rumors and find the mouse that the cat is meowing at at 3 AM and move on. People’s imaginations, once ignited can have a tremendously debiliting affect. Don’t do the “voodoo”.

A common negotiating ploy - Posted by Jack

Posted by Jack on October 25, 2003 at 10:02:58:

Usually it is: “the neighbors have been telling me that someone was killed in this house”, but the idea remains the same.

Who ya gonna call?? - Posted by Nick

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Re: What To Do With A “Haunted” House? - Posted by TheGame

Posted by TheGame on October 25, 2003 at 01:42:55:

Give them a phone book, and direct them to the listings inder “psychiatrists”. This should be of great help to them, so you can rest easy too.

Seeing shadows out of the corner of their eyes, Ha! Can someone spell P-R-O-Z-A-C.

Re: What To Do With A “Haunted” House? - Posted by Dan

Posted by Dan on October 24, 2003 at 23:02:52:

No such thing as “haunted”. Tell them to get with the real world.

Re: Have an excorcism(LOL) - Posted by Irwin(ca)

Posted by Irwin(ca) on October 25, 2003 at 19:44:54:

Don’t forget to pay your exorcist bill…the house might get repossessed

LOL - Posted by MJK

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