What is right decision? - Posted by J Riley

Posted by Redline on October 30, 1998 at 09:55:15:

I’m sure I will be corrected if I am wrong here.

#1: I believe you’re referring to capital gains taxes and this would be treated as an “installment sale”. Proceeds are taxed as they are received.

#2: This is mostly up to you - atleast you won’t have to bother fixing it yourself. 5 years might be a little long to wait for me. Try to get a shorter term and more down if you can.


What is right decision? - Posted by J Riley

Posted by J Riley on October 30, 1998 at 09:43:44:

My mother who has Alzheimers owns a rent house which is in bad shape. My brother (who has power of attorney) wants to sell the house since it just became vacant. The house would appraise for about $15,000 and was rented for $300/month. The house needs about $4,000 in repairs (including new roof). He has an offer for owner finance: $10,000 total, 10% down, balance over 5yrs at 10% interest.
Question #1: How do you handle income taxes on owner finance? Fully depreciated, owned for 25 years.
Question #2: Is this the way to go or should we pay to have it fixed up assuming we could get $300/month?

Re: What is right decision? - Posted by rudy-austin

Posted by rudy-austin on October 31, 1998 at 07:48:15:

Buy the house from your mother on terms and fix it and rent it…you can probably get $400/mo …rg

Depends on you - Posted by Bud Branstetter

Posted by Bud Branstetter on October 30, 1998 at 10:26:30:

As an investor I would look at it over a little longer term. A $191/mo payment on the terms you describe will be gone in five short years. If you fix up the house a little and rent out at a net of $200/mo your present worth at 10% is over 22k. While I want more than 10% return and do not want rental property I think that an owner finance property in better shape will bring you more money.

I’m going to look at a property tomorrow that the rehabbers are offering 70% of existing value because it need some paint, carpet and fixup. If I am right I can have them sell owner financed to a retail handyman. I can then sell the note and get more money for the people than the all cash rehabbers. I won’t have to lift a hammer or put money out for a painter. The time frame should be shorter than looking for a retail buyer to cash out at top of market price. No I won’t make 10K for the hassles of fixing up. But I do expect to make a few thousand for a few hours work.

What you have to do is determine what is the cost to get in prime shape and sell for top dollar. Then compare that to the cost of getting into decent shape and getting retail FMV. If you don’t have the money to fix up there are always the Title I loans.

BTW houses depreciate straight line over 27 1/2 years.