What Deals Do You Have Realtors Look For? - Posted by Gary (CA)

Posted by dewCO on October 25, 2000 at 23:07:06:

Paying the realtor is usually the problem, that’s one reason it is not generally the preferable way to do creative real estate.

However, if it is listed in the multiple listing the selling agent has already offered to pay your buyer’s agent a commission.

What Deals Do You Have Realtors Look For? - Posted by Gary (CA)

Posted by Gary (CA) on October 25, 2000 at 14:56:33:


I came up with the short list below of types of deals that I would want a realtor to look for me. In all cases, there’s a buck to be made for the realtor. It may or may not necessarily be the immediate “upfront” commission.

  1. Expired or about to expire listings.

  2. Fixers that are 25% or more under the “after repair” fair market value.

  3. Properties with little or no equity.

Each of these can be obtained by cash, ‘subject to’, option or lease-option depending on the numbers. How would you pay the agent in each of these cases?


Gary (CA)

Re: What Deals Do You Have Realtors Look For? - Posted by SCook85

Posted by SCook85 on October 26, 2000 at 09:14:57:

I prefer not to give the realtor that much authority in deciding what I am going to make offers on. I prefer to be the person to decide what homes I am interested in.

I have always had realtors give me a particular cross section of the market. It could be an area, a price range, All foreclosures and fixers, new listings etc…

When homes are originally listed, if the realtor who took the listing does not put a home in as a fixer upper it won’t come up in the search. The MLS is a database driven system and there are 1000’s of different people entering information to it with the idea of entering data under the same criteria, however due to laziness, or sometimes just not knowing not all realtors input data the same way therefore generic searches don’t always find all the needles in that haystack.

I usually get hundreds of listings at a time. When I get all of those listings, I comb through each and every one on my own. I determine which homes I am going to pursue and don’t want a realtor to do that for me. Sure I appreciate the phone call when an obviously good deal comes available one day, but in general it is my job to sort through the pile to find the deals. If my realtor knew how to do that for me, they may as well do it for themself.

As far as the realtor getting paid, since the homes are listed the seller has agreed to pay the realtor in every instance and I have never on any occasion had to deal with this issue. (I do offer cash for everything so the cash is on the table for them to get paid.)