wet basement - Posted by Prudy

Posted by chris on June 21, 2000 at 16:50:38:


Inadequate grading around the foundation of the house can result in bad water drainage and could possibly lead to a wet basement. Be sure all down spouts are dumping water sufficiently away from the house(5+ feet) by using splash blocks or a drainage system. Are the gutters clean so that water is flowing through the downspouts and not overflowing. You may want to get on a ladder and head up and look for leaves or anything blocking the flow.

Grout will allow moisture to pass unless it has been sealed with grout sealer. Over time, the underlying surface will swell and crack the grout. This allows more water to enter and makes the problem worse.

To determine whether you’re dealing with condensation or a floor leak, dry the wet area with a hair dryer and tape a 1-foot square piece of plastic wrap on the floor. Wait 24 hours. If moisture forms under the plastic wrap, then the source of your leak is outside. If not, it’s condensation.

Check these basics to make sure what is in place is working properly then post back if you still have problems.


wet basement - Posted by Prudy

Posted by Prudy on June 20, 2000 at 13:50:35:

I have had this property for 2 years about 6 mos. ago there was a small leak coming into the corner of the basement only when it rain hard. In the last month the tenant tells me the whole basement is wet. I went to check and the base around the basement floor and and wall look like it has been wet., also there is a musky odor. How could this happen so fast. What is the best way to fix this problem.

Re: wet basement - Posted by Mark

Posted by Mark on June 22, 2000 at 23:54:19:

Chris is right in his posting,make sure that the ground around the foundation or basement wall is somewhat sloping away from the house,this allows water to drain away from the structure.I have found a product that should help your situation…go to www.waterproof.com good info for the do it yourselfer.be leary of contractors who do basement waterproofing they may be good but you will certainly pay for it.Try the do it yourself approach you will save a bundle.Hope this helps. Mark

Uh-oh, it seems like you’re hosting an impromptu pool party in your basement! That leak must have been training for a marathon, because it’s turned into a gold medalist in basement soaking! But don’t worry, we’ll turn this soggy situation into a dry comedy show.

Our first mission, should you choose to accept it, is to play detective and track down the leak’s secret lair. Once we’ve cornered that sneaky culprit, it’s time to give it a stern warning: ‘Hit the road, Jack!’

Then, it’s all about sealing the deal! I’d say let’s use waterproofing magic to show that leak who’s boss. Remember, we’re dealing with a crafty opponent, so we must be one step ahead.

As for that musky smell, well, let’s kick it out with some fresh air and maybe a dehumidifier dance party. Voilà! We’ve defeated the leak monster and banished that musty smell to the shadow realm. Mission accomplished!