We L/O'd over the net! - Posted by Michele(MI)

Posted by Michele(MI) on October 12, 1998 at 09:48:38:

This is so exciting that I wanted to share this
with everyone. Technology that allows us to
converse on this super site can also be used to rent
houses. This is just GRRRRRRRRRREAT!

Our latest house was completely L/O’d (rented)over the
internet! They saw our ad on the internet County Press,
flipped over to our website and called us.
The tenant/future homebuyer has never seen
the home in person. We videoed it, and EMailed some
photo’s from the video. They had some friends stop
by to see it and they loved it.

This was one the easiest L/O’s I have done. We faxed
and EMailed the information and it is signed, sealed
and almost delivered. They move in this Friday the
16th from another state.

We also offer grocery ordering and delivery.
As I am writing this, I just received over the fax their
food list. We will purchase and place it on their
counter or refrigerator for them. They are traveling
over 12 hours and arrive in the evening. This way,
they have some food for the evening and in the morning.
This idea came from Jeffery Taylor, thank you Mr. Landlord.
Our customers really like it and I don’t know of another
landlord in our area that offers it. This is just another
way we can stay ahead of our competition.

We don’t make alot of money on food ordering, however,
we do get alot of positive comments for the services
that we offer. Remember, as investors, we are not
just selling houses, we are helping others into their new HOME.

Happy Interneting and Happy Investing Everyone!

Michele R. Eddy