Viaticals...David v. Goliath (long) - Posted by Ben

Posted by Ben on July 31, 1999 at 19:02:32:

Ihave been informed of posting problems. Testing 1,2,3

Viaticals…David v. Goliath (long) - Posted by Ben

Posted by Ben on July 31, 1999 at 07:59:53:

Fromtime to time on the Cash Flow forum we have discussed viatical investments. Some people here may be interested in
an alternative investment strategy. In essence this is the assignment of life insurance proceeds purchased at a deep discount from a terminally ill person. When the policy matures the investor receives the full amount,making the spread as the profit. The industry is still in its infancy
and is rife with con artists and scams. There is one woman
committed to exposing fraud and has written two books (the only ones in existence) on this topic and has a website, Her name is Gloria Wolk and because of her outspokenness she is now a defendant in multimillion dollar frivolous lawsuits aimed at shutting her up and banning her books. She will certainly win on the merits but the gaol here is to drive her into bankruptcy
defending suits. Ihaveno affiliationwith Gloria other than the fact that she has personally saved me from getting scammed. If anyone would like more info on this fascinating business and this debate go to It may not be around much longer.