vacant property - Posted by belle

Posted by belle on August 24, 2004 at 18:02:22:

Thanks IB,

vacant property - Posted by belle

Posted by belle on August 22, 2004 at 23:18:08:

Here’s the deal. I found a vacant property after talking to the neighbors I learned the property has being vacant for about 3 years. Courts records indicate Greyfield Resource as onwer. Greyfield Resource says property is CitiBank Financial. CitiBank Financial says property is Greyfield Resource. Court records also states both Greyfield and CitiBank forclosed one month apart. Taxes are being paid but courts want say by whom.
ARP $200/$250
So I think its worth looking into.
Where do I look next.


Re: vacant property - Posted by IB (NJ)

Posted by IB (NJ) on August 23, 2004 at 17:21:14:

I would think that the lender who had first position when the property was first foreclosed is the actual owner. Even if the 2nd foreclosed a month later or a month before the 1st, it had to be subject to the 1st mortgage.

So who had 1st mortgage position, Greystone or Citifinancial?

Re: vacant property - Posted by Jeffery (LCLA)

Posted by Jeffery (LCLA) on August 23, 2004 at 12:59:45:

The tax collector could tell you who is paying the taxes, it’s public info. The court may not have that info. Now, if both foreclosed and it went to auction, and both bid on the property, then that would indicate that the balance owed was more than anyone at the auction was willing to pay.

Jeffery (LCLA)