Using America's Note Network's Newsletter - Posted by Mark

Posted by Barb on October 30, 2001 at 15:13:08:

I’ve never seen it say you cannot discuss ANN. Have I missed something? I’ve asked numerous questions re: ANN and Russ Dalbey and have never been told to not do that.

Using America’s Note Network’s Newsletter - Posted by Mark

Posted by Mark on October 28, 2001 at 17:23:56:

Am thinking of buying the disk ver. of the newsletter and was wondering if any one else is using this and what type of response they are getting.



Re: Using America’s Note Network’s Newsletter - Posted by Sean

Posted by Sean on October 29, 2001 at 08:09:01:

Mark: email me. We can discuss this off the board

Why Not let us know? - Posted by Tim Haines

Posted by Tim Haines on October 29, 2001 at 13:13:15:

Why not discuss this on the board? I am sure a lot of us our wondering; Is the service worthwhile? Does the response from these Newsletters sent or distributed justify the expense?, Did you get any business as a direct result of their use?, etc.

Timmy H.

Re: Why Not let us know? - Posted by Keithk2

Posted by Keithk2 on November 03, 2001 at 12:27:58:

This topic seems to be a weekly feature on this and ANN’s discussion forum.

I’ve been using the newsletter program for about 6 months now. Yes it has justified it’s cost and time investment. Yes, I still use it. And yes, I get business referrals from it on a regular basis.

The newsletter program itself is no more than getting the newsletters pre-written and formatted into an easily used form on disk that allows me to put out a professionally produced newsletter without having to invest the time to sit down, write one myself and learn a whole new piece of desktop publishing software in order to do it.

It’s not magic and it’s no different than putting together your own mailing program EXCEPT, that this one looks pretty good in a business contact’s hands and it comes with some pretty good material from Russ on how to put it to use more effectively.

I think a lot of people looking at programs like this are really looking to get some kind of guarantee of greater-than-usual success before making the leap to get the program. I can understand that but let’s face it: It’s just a newsletter; no different than one you’d do yourself if you could do it. The success part comes from putting a good looking piece of helpful material in front of prospects on a regular basis and getting your name and what you do in front of them in the process. You want them to associate your name with the idea that you are the one to call to buy notes that they have to sell.

IMHO, using a professionally produced newsletter is sufficiently different and unusual enough that it puts my company’s name in a slightly better light than my competition’s. Very few people go through the trouble to put a newsletter out on a REGULAR basis so that mine can stand out

One more thing to think about. When I said a newsletter program isn’t magic, i also meant that it wasn’t an immediate success/failure thing. Marketing gurus tell us that only:
2% of all sales are made in the first contact.
3% by the 2nd contact
5% by the third
10% by the fourth
Up to 80% of sales will result from the 8th through 12th contact!
Clearly, persistence is the key to a successful newsletter or mailing program.

Hope this helped
All Success

Re: Why Not let us know? - Posted by neil

Posted by neil on October 30, 2001 at 14:40:44:

This is because issues about ANN products need to be addressed at ANN nessage board.

No discussions of ANN permitted… - Posted by Ben (NJ)

Posted by Ben (NJ) on October 30, 2001 at 07:35:15:

although if you do an archive search for “note network”
you will get 248 matches! Go figure! (maybe that rule applies only to CRITICISM of ANN).

Re: Why Not let us know? - Posted by Mark

Posted by Mark on November 04, 2001 at 06:51:41:

Just wondering how many do you send out at first and now? How often do you send out your newletter? Do you send post cards as well to note holders? Do you find that you have a better response to a certain group of prof. (Such as real estate agents or CPA)or is it about the same for all? Thanks for your insight.


Thank You - Posted by Mark

Posted by Mark on November 04, 2001 at 06:03:37:

Thank you for your insight. This was the insight I was looking for. I relize it will take work and that like you said it’s just a newsletter. It’s too bad it took this many responses to get a answer about the question rather than argue about ANN. Anyway thnaks again, I have already ordered the program and do have a background in sales. I relize it is another tool to use.