tx mobile home deal that tops all...HELP ME PLEASE - Posted by scott

Posted by scott on February 20, 2002 at 14:56:25:

hello all,

listen to THIS ONE and see if you can help please…bought mobile home in fort worth park for 5k…sold it on 2 year note for $8500…1k down $300 month…all is well. man and wife bought home…wanted it in his name only…ok…all goes well for quite a while. title is in his name with me as leinholder…i have power of attorney from him to sign his name…now the wild part. man dies in lake in boating “incident”…i see it on the news…read about it in paper…sounds like police might be leaning toward wife as prime suspect. i talk to her and she says all is well. basically laughs and says don’t worry.(no remorse or sorrow) .i’ll keep paying you. turns out she is right…she is real timely with the payment for a couple months then she’s late a time or two. then she’s real late. i call. turns out she has brain cancer and is in bad shape. she has a “helper” staying with her i talk to him. next thing you know she’s dead…helper guy had her sign a will giving him everything like 3 days before she died. her family is all broke up over it. they think he scammed her (so do i). he pays one months payment and now is one month late. ( i gave him a copy of the original note and explained where things stood) now he has disconnected the phone and i can’t get a hold of him at all. my question is what do i do? who do i file against…can i just sign for the dead guy and put title in my name again and kick this dude out? this is a crazy deal. (i have possession of the title and the current occupant does not know whose name it is in) nor does anyone else.

please help if you can.