Trans-America karpexpress - Posted by karp

Posted by Dirk Roach on November 21, 1998 at 10:49:45:

Hey Karp,
My parents are coming out in the opposite direction. Pretty neat about driving online. I hope that you have a better Cell carrier then I do, those out of state calls really add up on mine.
Anyway Good luck and have a good a holiday (I assume that’s the reason for the impulsive trip) or a good deal. :slight_smile:

Trans-America karpexpress - Posted by karp

Posted by karp on November 20, 1998 at 19:00:20:

Okay, so this morning I said to myself, “Self, let’s leave tonite and drive from Utah (that’s west) to Indiana (that’s east).” My self agreed and we are off. I will be online on and off through the trip via cell phone so if anybody on this route wants to stop me and have lunch or talk about real estate etc, please email me.

See ya.

aka Karl Hartley

PS: If I am doing a deal with you or a loan or whatever, we have you covered, call my office and they will explain.