To Incorporate or not? - Posted by Terence

Posted by Fred K.B. (SoCal) on March 17, 2002 at 18:49:12:

You don’t mention what state you’re in, but here in California it took all of about 2 hours, not months, of study before I decided to incorporate.

If you’re going to invest and inc to take advantage of the tax benefits, privacy and asset protection advantages, inc before you start to invest. That way when you sign up your first deal you can sign: “Terence, as President of Terence Amalgamated, Inc.”

Otherwise you may do your first deal in your name as a sole proprieter, and suffer the consequences as such should something go askew.

As the radio ad says “Don’t Bring Home The Pain!”

To Incorporate or not? - Posted by Terence

Posted by Terence on March 17, 2002 at 13:52:59:

I’m pretty much ready to start investing. Should I wait the extra month or two to study up on corporations and incorporate, or should I just go ahead and start investing and incorporate later.