To ALL Who Attended Atlanta MH Workshop! - Posted by Terry Vaughan

Posted by Terry Vaughan on October 31, 2000 at 20:32:54:

To Lonnie, Ray and all who attended!

I hadn’t spoken at any function since the last Lender workshop (Just after the CRE Convention this year) and I felt my timing and presentation would suffer because of it. What I found was all the great energy that pumped me up and I had more fun than I had remembered.

Even those of us who teach get so very much out of these workshops! I get to learn from great experts like Lonnie and Ray. I get to talk with many levels of investors about all kinds of deals and challenges to overcome, which forces me to sharpen my mind.

I get to hear from people like Criss Hall, who earlier this year (at the convention) had all kinds of financial pressure and faced terrible problems, yet with the information that I and other people gave him at that time was able to turn his situation completely arround! He now owns four properties and has a bunch of cash and positive cash flow! In a few short months!

I get to talk to people like Craig Stevens, who was in bankruptcy when I talked to him at our first Convention, yet now has done over 40 (YES FORTY!) deals since that time, now owns 20 homes he kept (some mobiles) has a great positive cash flow and over $160,000 in the bank! I learned all of this from his wife who was attending her first CREOnline workshop.

It’s people like these that make my heart feel good when I hear their stories. I look forward to the future results of those of you who attended this workshop in Atlanta.

Thank you all for the memories!