Title help needed!!!!! - Posted by Frank Tomaszewski

Posted by George on June 11, 2002 at 10:06:47:

Ask your Lender! You either do or do not have a lien against your old house. Your Lender says you do and your credit report says you do not.
Someone is mistaken!
Records at the Courthouse will state EXACTLY who the old house is titled to and if there is a lien. Call your lender TODAY and have him tell you how to eliminate the lien (if there is one). (You may be able to access these records on the Internet).

Title help needed!!! - Posted by Frank Tomaszewski

Posted by Frank Tomaszewski on June 11, 2002 at 08:51:33:

I have run into a snag while applying for my mortgage. My lender has done a title search and has found that the title on my first home mortgage has a judgement against it. This is due to a divorce several years ago. My ex-wife had bought me out and re-mortgaged the property in her name. The new mortgage she got paid off the mortgage with the judgement against it. My credit report says that the judgement is satisfied, but I need my old title to reflcet that information. As of now, my lender will not write me a new loan until this is cleared up.
Can anyone tell me where I should begin on solving this problem? Thanks in advance for all your help.