timeshare investing - Posted by bg1383

Posted by Wayne-NC on July 28, 2004 at 22:42:36:

I have written about this before so do an archive search. Anyway, I do not believe that there are any courses on the subject. Most do not recommend them as an investment and I tend to agree. I own 3, 2 in Hawaii and 1 on the Outer Banks of NC. As in all RE, location is first priorty and price is second. I have done well with mine. The transaction costs are very high in proportion to other forms of RE to buy, sell, rent, and hold. That is where any potential profit goes. If you buy one for pennies on the dollar (like anything else) it could be a good deal and even better if you can use it. It will always have value but they are seldom worth what you owe on it, much like an automobile, but we need those. Timeshares if purchased properly (explained above) can be very enjoyable. After the usefullness goes you can sell and get your money back and call it years of inexpensive vacations or pass the deeds to your kids to use or sell. Hope that helps.

timeshare investing - Posted by bg1383

Posted by bg1383 on July 27, 2004 at 17:33:05:

I’ve heard in the past negative as well as positive thoughts about investing in time shares…

  1. are there any books/courses on this form of investing?

  2. does anyone have any good/bad thoughts on investing in timeshares?

  3. anyone have any great/horror stories to share about time shares?