the progam - Posted by scott

Posted by darla Nassif on December 02, 1998 at 07:07:14:

I must comment on the people on this site that are always willing to answer the same old questions over and over. Read the site from top to bottom and see all of the success stories and motivated people. Get the course get all of the education you can and go do it people. Well got to go I have a very busy day and lots of properties to investigate! dmntlc

the progam - Posted by scott

Posted by scott on December 01, 1998 at 02:33:33:

i’m 25 years od, about 35K in debt, and don’t know what to do. I’ve seen the program on tv many times. How can this program work for me? Since I am so far in debt, can even I buy property for no money down? What kind of guarentee is there that I will qualify? PLEASE HELP!!!

Re: the progam - Posted by David S

Posted by David S on December 06, 1998 at 17:57:28:

  1. 35k in debt is peanuts… learn to think “out of the box”
  2. the program, or any other, will not work if you don’t purchase. there is no “one size fits all” course.
  3. anyone can buy property, mobile homes, vacant land, etc using none of your money.
  4. there are NO guarantees in life. you may wake up dead tommorrow.

Make a choice to buy something and get started… or you can watch (the program) for a few more years.

David S

Re: the progam ??? - Posted by Bill

Posted by Bill on December 02, 1998 at 08:05:50:

Scott Real estate is a good business, but it is just that a business. If you continue to employ whatever money management principles have gotten you to this point you will have problems in this business too. There are many ways to make money, there are ways to reduce the debt that you currently have, but the management of the money that you will make in the future is equally if not more important to your success. Check out Millionare Next Door and Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Re: the progam - Posted by henry

Posted by henry on December 01, 1998 at 16:22:30:

By the many success stories you read here , by all the how to articles you will find on this site,there is certainly money to be made and many with very lil down, or even O down, don’t let it pass you by, I started with the Carleton Sheetes course, and of course that was just the tip of the iceburg, I had to put it all to work, investigate into it much more and try this and try that, NOTHING comes easy. It seems to me it interests you and you want to do it, so git up and git!!!
Best of luck, keep us posted on your successes

Re: the progam - Posted by Chris

Posted by Chris on December 01, 1998 at 15:06:31:

By looking on this site, don’t you think that this will work for you. If you’re not interested in renting out houses, look at the How to articles for Lease Options, wholesaling and retailing, if done right none of these require virutally no money down. Ron Legrand offers a pretty good course on this. Check it out in the books and courses on this site. Good Luck, don’t be so skeptical and just go out and do it and make money.