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Posted by J.P. Vaughan on January 06, 1999 at 16:37:35:

Dear Friends,

Real estate is not easy. But it doesn’t have to be difficult

At CRE Online we give you the best real-life real estate and
paper information available anywhere. Do we make it easier
for you? Sure we do.

We change people’s lives. And there’s so much more…

We can show you how to make real estate a whole lot easier.
How to make more money. And how to make more money faster.
Interested? Let me explain.


When Terry and I read the written comments from last year’s
CRE Online Convention, we realized we simply had no choice.
People told us…

“It was life changing”
“This was an incredible opportunity”
“I feel sorry for anyone who didn’t attend”

Every single written comment we received was a super-positive
review. So we knew we simply HAD to do it again. We knew we
had to give ALL our visitors a chance to reap the phenomenal
benefits and opportunities of this event.

If you weren’t with us last year, now is your chance.


Whether you’re an experienced investor or a total beginner,
there’s a TON in it for you. You’ll see.

For starts, Robert Kiyosaki the best-selling author of
"Rich Dad, Poor Dad" will be our Key Note Speaker. But unlike
many key note speakers, Robert didn’t want to speak for only
30 minutes. He has too much information to give you. He’s
teaching the whole morning session on Friday, so he’ll have
plenty of time to share his brilliant wealth-building
principles with you.

You also get full educational sessions from nine other
nationally-known real estate and paper educators:
Bill Bronchick, John Behle, Jeff Taylor, Lonnie Scruggs,
Ron LeGrand, Scott Britton, Terry Vaughan, Ed Garcia, Ernest Tew.

These are all real guys who do real deals in TODAY’s marketplace.
So you will be getting TONS of “real world” information, not
vague theory or techniques that are outdated or no longer work.


You’ve probably seen ads for seminars that are $29 or $49 or $99.
Did you ever wonder why they’re so cheap? I’ll tell you why.
Because they’re nothing more than what I call a "dog and pony"
show. The speakers may give you a tiny bit of information. But
the bulk of the talk is one hard-sell sales pitch after another
for their products. That’s why it’s so cheap. They make their
profit on product sales.

Will our speakers’ courses be available? Sure they will. But their
presentations will be absolutely informational and educational.
There will be NO hard-sell at our convention!

More written quotes to prove it:

“Outstanding! This was everything you promised and more. I was
afraid of coming to a 3-day sales pitch but received tons of very
useful and valuable information. I can’t wait for the next one!”

“I just wanted to thank you for such a fantastic convention. I was
very pleased with the quality of the presentations, no hucksters
out to fast talk people out of a buck…”

And, by the way, our price is higher than $99.


Each speaker will be speaking for 2 to 2 1/2 hours. In
addition, we’ve scheduled a two-hour evening session for
Round Table Discussions with all of our speakers. (Jeff Taylor
has a previous commitment.)

If you’re working a deal and need some ideas, bring it with you.
If you have questions, ask them. This is your opportunity to
personally meet and pick the brains of some of the foremost
experts in the country!

Our Brainstorming Session was a MAJOR hit last year. Although
scheduled from 7 to 9, many of us were still there at midnight.
This written quote says it all:

“One of the things that I liked best was the Round Table
Discussions. It was an eye opener to listen to the pro’s.
They showed so much interest in helping everyone. Helping
both the Newbies and pro’s to move to the next level and
the pitfalls to avoid.”


Experienced investors know that ONE single idea can be worth
virtually tens of thousands of dollars. That’s why you’ll see
a lot of experienced people at these events.

You’ll see a lot of people you already know from our News Group
and Chat Room. Full-time investors like Jim Piper, Ed Wachsman,
David Segars, Jackie from Dallas and the list goes on and on…

And that’s also why we’ve put together such a diversified
group of speakers for you. Real estate, paper, mobile homes,
lease options, quick flips, FSBOs, wholesaling, retailing,
land contracts, working with lenders, landlording, mobile
home parks, asset protection. We’ve covered the spectrum.

And you will leave with a whole lot more than just one new
idea. You’ll get tons of information and many, many, many
new tools for your tool kit.


Our last convention was almost like a family reunion. People
knew each others names from the News Group or Chat Room, and
it was just a matter of putting faces with the names of
friends. Actually, it was an amazing experience.

The atmosphere was friendly and supportive throughout. As a
result, many attendees found new friends and made connections
for new deals, money and partners.

Mark Riddle says it better than I can:

"The atmosphere at the convention was more like old friends
getting together talking about deals, and sharing their hard
fought for experiences with all that would ask…

Simply stated, the convention was the best, eye-opening,
educational, friend helping friend event that I have ever


Last year people told us, “We don’t know how you’ll ever top
this.” We LOVE a challenge like that. I promise you this
year’s Convention will be even better! We’re working very
hard to give you the absolute BEST creative real estate event
of the year.


Our Creative Real Estate Online Convention will be held
March 5, 6 and 7 at the Dallas Marriott Arlington in
Arlington, TX (10 minutes from the DFW airport).

The normal room rate for this Marriott hotel is $179 per
night ($537 for 3 nights). But we have a great deal for you.
Our convention INCLUDING 3 hotel nights is less than that!

Your admission price also includes a HUGE buffet breakfast
every morning.

Here’s what it would cost without the bargain we’re
giving you:

Admission without Hotel Room: $395
3 Nights Hotel @ $179/night: $537

TOTAL: $932

Here’s YOUR Bargain Admission: ONLY $495.
This is complete, including your hotel room for 3 nights.

Bring your spouse or a friend for an additional $295.

PLEASE NOTE: You MUST make your reservation BEFORE
February 1, 1999 to guarantee Admission WITH the hotel room
included at this price. If you plan to attend, please reserve
your seat now, so we can secure one of the hotel rooms for you.


Three full jam-packed days, ten of the top real estate and
paper experts in the country, a special brainstorming session
with the experts, free breakfast buffet each morning, hotel
room included, this is simply a GREAT bargain.

If you’ve been hanging out with us at CRE Online for any length
of time you already know the vast resources we offer you every
day, day in and day out, for free. Just imagine what you’ll
receive when we meet in person. It could change your life forever.

If you’re a beginner with hopes and dreams of a better future,
you simply won’t find a better way to get started.

If you’re more experienced, you already know the value of new
ideas, knowledge, networking and brainstorming. And you’ll find
all that and more.

If you’ve made any financial “resolutions” for 1999, our
convention will catapult you into the New Year and well into the
New Millenium.

You deserve the best and we’ll give it to you. You owe it to
yourself to join us at the CRE Online Convention.
Reserve your seat TODAY.


  1. CALL Toll-Free 1-800-256-5202 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  2. CALL Jeanne at 619-441-4974 Mon - Fri between 8am and 4pm PST

  3. For more details and for Online, Mail or Fax reservations, go to:

We’re looking forward to meeting you in person in Dallas.
See you there!


JP Vaughan

P.S. If you have any doubts about what I’ve told you in this
letter, feel free to post a message on our News Group. Ask
attendees from last year for their honest opinion.