Thanks John & Terry and the Paper Gang. - Posted by Randy -IL-

Posted by Randy -IL- on October 19, 1998 at 15:41:55:

Thanks for a great place to find knowledge, encouragement and all those other things the newbies need to get up in the morning!

I read here every day the note and RE deals that you pros are doing. The size of your profits would make me near the top of the economic heap in my area. It goes to show the true potential of proper working knowledge and education. I sure didn’t get anything near that in the huge investment in my future called college. I can only imagine the returns I would be getting if I could have bought notes or RE with tuition!

I haven’t done any note deals yet but I do have some experience in RE. I’m looking for that opportunity start small and grow larger. Maybe with some Lonnie Deal notes. Everyone has to start somewhere. Lonnie certainly doesn’t seem to be starving these days!

When I have a problem or question you can bet I’ll post it here first!

Thanks for all you do!