Thank you for the Workshop! - Posted by Jane-NV

Posted by Ed Garcia on November 25, 2003 at 10:30:23:


Thank you for attending. Now the work begins. As you know, we put in some strong hours during the workshop and I?ve asked you folks to give me until after Thanksgiving to get started. Well I guess I can ask, but it makes no difference, S. K Banerjee already has me helping him do the deal that he discussed on Saturday night, and Joe Hartpence is sending a deal on about 68 units.

That?s OK, that?s what the workshop is all about. I understand that when an investor leaves the workshop they?re charged up, and can?t wait to get started.

Have a nice Thanksgiving Jane and I look forward to working with you,

Ed Garcia

Thank you for the Workshop! - Posted by Jane-NV

Posted by Jane-NV on November 24, 2003 at 22:44:21:

Dear Ed and Terry,
Wanted to thank you and tell you what a great time I had. Made many new friends and heard wonderful stories of what people are doing out there and I was really impressed (especially from some of the students that looked like they were barely out of high school). I learned alot from everyone, but especially from you, Ed and Terry. In fact, I’m sure I’ll begin to even remember some of what I learned once my brain stops smoking!LOL. Look forward to the next 6 months.
Jane Gray