Thank you everyone BUT ESPECIALLY STEVE COOK(long) - Posted by M.garv(IL)

Posted by M.garv(IL) on July 10, 2001 at 24:25:14:

I just want to thank everybody at this site for all your great posts but I would especially like to thank Steve Cook. Steve , your road to success is something that I truly admire. I am you three years ago (and yes I even own a bar) . I have been coming to this site for about 8 mos. I’ve ordered some courses , I’ve read posts but I have always been scared to do things. I always had more questions and I always had some sort of an excuse for not doing anything. Maybe the reason is because I’ve had a few failed businesses or whatever but everyone in my personal life kept telling me that this creative real estate thing isn’t going to work
and to stop dreaming. Well I finally hit a state of depression and I had to ask myself if maybe I was just dreaming. If I wasn’t dreaming then I had to do something now. Then I came across Steve cooks story. I couldn’t beleve that all this time coming to this site I somehow have 100% passed him up. I was just so happy to see the success he had. To go from where he was to where he is now in just the last few years was awesome. So I decided I am going to learn from him. I am going to get my fears away and I am going to get my questions answered. I did not order his course , Instead I just went way back in the archives and I took notes,and I took notes and I took notes. At the end of every day I would go over the notes and write down all the questions I had , Then the next day I would find all the answers and then I would take more notes. I was understanding everything. I finished the archives and started them all over again. But this time I would try to answer questions posted before I would click on to see what his reply was. I just kept studying. The reason I never ordered the course is I just don’t have the money. I do believe though that I am ready to roll. I am putting my ducks in a row and I am gonna start making offers and I am not gonna stop. Even though I have not made any deals yet my girlfriends demeanor has gone from “You are dreaming” to " you are never going to be as successful as him" (meaning Steve Cook). Well that remains to be seen but I know one thing and that is I will be a hell of alot closer then people that aren’t trying.
Thank you ,
Mike Garvin (IL)
P.S. I promise you J.P. and Terry that I will soon have a success story for you.