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Posted by Ronald * Starr(in No CA) on July 01, 2003 at 09:06:52:

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There has been discussion of these in the past, you might want to do an archive search on the topic or, for more recent items, do a google with “” and “2003” in your search.

There are a couple of things which could be a problem. If the developer goes bankrupt, there may not be any increasing value to the property and it may be “orphaned” in field of tiny lots.

If you decide to hold on after the lease period is up, what rent rate can you expect? I’d guess way below the $2200-2500 a month. If that is so, it probably will not make sense to continue to hold the property for a rental. Then, when you resell, for any profit you get you will probably have to pay ordinary income on any gain in value, not capital gains tax. You might want to consult with a tax adviser on this matter.

What would be the transaction costs? Title insurance, escrow fees, lender costs, appraisal, credit report and the like. This is money you do not get back. If they are very large, you may find that you actually make less money on this short-term rental than you thought. You might be better advised to put the money out buying less expensive properties which will provide a better rental income for a long time.

I suppose the houses are attractive because they are pretty. ANd, they may be somewhat better finished than the typical property in the subdivision. If the developer can pay the rent every month, that is a plus.

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Tell me what you think - Posted by Rick P (FL)

Posted by Rick P (FL) on July 01, 2003 at 08:26:39:

Hi All!!!

I’m in the south west florida area and there is a brand new community going up near where I live.

So the other day I walk in to see what they have going up and they are starting these gorgeous at around $275k.

The sales man said that they are building three “lease backs”. This is where they build a model home then lease it back from you for a year.

The deal shakes out like this…

PRICE: $275,000

They lease it from you for $2200-2500. At the end of one year you can either take possesion or sell the home.

I can see lots of pro’s…tax advantages, profit from lease, profit from resale, very little exposure, and they are going to raise their retail prices every three months, which secures me a profit.



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“and they are going to raise their retail prices every three months, which secures me a profit”

They can raise their prices all they want, but the buying public will render the final decision on what the actual value will be.