tax certificates - Posted by evelyn

Posted by Tony on January 25, 2001 at 04:03:25:

Just wonder have any one purchased the Tax Lien/ Certificate in California course by John Beck. Yes it is lot of cheaper to buy in Florida, Texas, Arizona depend on the states and do have Tax Lien/Certificate as for in California I doubt. Well I went to the seminar last sunday about “Making Money with Government” by National Grants Conferences. The training courses cost $ teach how to works with the government, etc…$799.00 no way… Anyway while attend the seminar to received four free bookelts and one audio tape.There are: Tax Lien Certificates, Grant, Loans,& Subsides, Auctions and Forecloures. So I open up and read about Tax Lien Certificates and found it stated that “Which States Sell Tax Lien Certificates” There are 27 states, the rest of states seemed does not sell are: California, Ohio, Nevada, Iowa, name fews. You may want to check with your County Assessor’s Office for listing of states, City, etc…Of course it sound good buy at Tax Lien Certificates, but it takes money to travel, hotel, meals etc, etc…in a return your investment are gonna be a great opportunity profits.that is my comments. Would like to hear your expierences. Thank you.Tony

tax certificates - Posted by evelyn

Posted by evelyn on January 24, 2001 at 19:47:48:

Has anyone in Florida purchased the Tax Lien/Certificate course by John Beck and if so, any luck. Saw the Beck/Trudeau informercial and think it was interesting, but need to hear from someone in Florida who has purchased the course.


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Posted by Shaun on January 25, 2001 at 05:33:09:

For information on Beck’s Tax Certificate Course see posting "Tax Certificates/Deeds Beck/Thomas 1/19/01 and successive threads on this forum. Some are from Florida. It appears Beck doesn’t provide follow on support.