suggestions with bank of america - Posted by Stephen Ford

Posted by Redline on September 20, 2004 at 15:15:50:

Stephen, not sure what state the property is in and how foreclosures are conducted there but I am assuming this property is in the foreclosure process with the bank if all these BK’s are being filed.

If this is the case, get the name of the attorney’s office that is representing the bank. Call them up and ask them who to fax the “Release of info” form to. Then you wait. Depending on the office it could take 3 days or 2 weeks.

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suggestions with bank of america - Posted by Stephen Ford

Posted by Stephen Ford on September 20, 2004 at 13:45:06:

I’m trying to get the payoff amount of a second and a home equity line on a house (this is the one headed toward Chapter 7 after being leaving Chapter 13 that I mentioned before). I’ve spent over an hour trying to get a release of info form faxed over. I’d love to also talk with someone about purchasing the second but with the chapter 7 next Monday I’m told I can hang it up. Even without the discount, this is lean deal but if I can get a few grand shaved off that second…

Would someone share the secret pass phrase with me so I can get someone on the phone to fax this release form to and to get the payoff!?! The last person I spoke with said if I wasn’t a lawyer or with a title company, she wouldn’t give me any information even with a fax!