Subdivide acreage with existing single family home - Posted by Kim

Posted by Kim on February 20, 2005 at 15:07:20:

I am very new to real estate investing. I have been studying it for some time and am ready to get my feet wet. I own a 20 acre farm with an existing single family home valued at approx 550,000. My neighbor owns slightly less property and has recently sold it. I have noticed that they are building five houses on the remaining acreage. My question is, would this be the best place to start with my own investing career? I have been renovating the home to sell, but am now considering subdividing and building on this property. Can anyone advise me on how to get started, where to find out zoning info, and what kind of real estate developer I should look for. Anything anyone can tell me to help me get started would be GREATLY appriciated. My goal is to become as successful and knowledgeable as the rest of you. I am just not sure where to start. Thank You.