STUCK IN PARADISE - Posted by Trisha

Posted by Gaymond Lee on August 25, 2004 at 21:04:34:

$6000 a month is getting you a mortgage/house ~ $820k. In So Cal it’s going to be a great house in a bad area or a small crappy house in a very nice area. Take your pick.

STUCK IN PARADISE - Posted by Trisha

Posted by Trisha on August 24, 2004 at 18:39:26:

I am a full-time mom with 2 boys, ages 3 and 6. When my husband and I first met we lived on Maui, HI. Now we live in Aptos, CA (near Santa Cruz) which is another paradise of an area. However we are completely stuck. We have lived in this 2 bedroom apartment that we rent for 10 years now. I have been trying home-based businesses for years now (Ebay, MLM, mail order, etc) trying to get my husband out of his job so we can be home together with our kids, and do a business together.

I am 40 years old and my husband is 42. It feels like we may never own a home and he will never come home from his juiceless job. When we met we were both alive with happiness and excitement and I have been trying for 10 years to get back to that place (not Maui, just feeling totally alive and excited about life).

Does anyone have any ideas how I could bring my husband home from his job by Dec. 31, 2004 and purchase a home by then. We would need about $6,000.00 a month in income. ANY IDEAS?

I don’t want to leave this planet some day without achieving the goal of having my husband home with the family! Everyday my 3 year old asks “Is Daddy home?” And the answer is always the same. “No, he’s at work”. Some people can live their whole lives with their sponse gone all day, for my husband and I it is not in our bloods to live that way.




Posted by SC Mts on October 08, 2004 at 23:01:52:

Hi Trisha *

I’m from the SC Mts. Been living in Idaho for the past 6 Yrs. Back here for 1+ Yrs. Now up on the Mt above Corralitos, not far from you.

Email me so we can talk or get together & I’ll share some info with you.

With Warmest Regards * Cat

Success is in the financial details - Posted by Evan Perroni (Houston)

Posted by Evan Perroni (Houston) on August 25, 2004 at 11:37:44:

I really believe the answer you seek has nothing to do with real estate, although that may be the route you take to achieve the end goal.

Your personal life is a business. You have to be able to operate that business effectively before you’re able to really enjoy success. Unfortunately, very few people view things this way. If you really study successful and happy people, you’ll find the characteristics that really matter are in the financial details.

You mention needing $6000 a month for living expenses. Without knowing much more about your financial situation, I?m assuming that you must have some debt payments tied up in that $6000 budget. Realistically, $6000 a month is a lot of money. I understand that you have children and that you live in an expensive part of the country but it is still a substantial amount of money.

I?m currently in your situation. I, too, want to be home with my wife and child (got a boy on the way!). I?ve taken the necessary steps to reduce my business expenses (i.e., living expenses) to an absolute minimum. Step 1 ? move out of the $1264 per month loft into a $819 per month apartment. Step 2 ? Save the $445 (actually I rounded it to $450) every single month. Step 3 ? sell the $24K truck and get rid of the $488 payment and buy a $7500 late model used car for cash from the $450 a month savings as well as additional savings. Step 4 ? Save the $488 payment every single month in addition to the $450 decrease in rent. This is just part of what we are doing but that?s a $1000 decrease in our living expenses without much of a change in our way of living. Believe me, it feels good knowing that I don?t have any debt payments and that the bank account is there in case we are out of work.

However, as my wife reminds me daily, this doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy ourselves along the way. Can you tell I?m the cheap one? Be prepared to fight your battles when necessary but give ground on other occasions. This is especially important within a marriage relationship. After all you and your husband are partners in the business of life.

Re: STUCK IN PARADISE - Posted by jasonrei

Posted by jasonrei on August 25, 2004 at 10:00:33:

My real estate business is a full-time job. I can work from home, but prefer having an office. If I was married and had kids, I would think I’d have my kids working for me. I’d have my wife working, too, but I’d have to treat her like an employee.

Are you sure your husband really would want to work from home? There are certainly a lot of ways to work from home in the RE business. Have you gone thru any RE courses? I’d recommend Ron Legrand.

I can tell you don’t live in California$ - Posted by Gavin Wilkinson

Posted by Gavin Wilkinson on August 25, 2004 at 17:22:06:

The $6000 she refers to may be JUST the house payment. And no, we are not talking about an estate. We are talking about a small 50 year old house that needs rehab.

People outside California have no idea what is going on here.

Re: Success is in the financial details - Posted by Alvin Teabag Williams

Posted by Alvin Teabag Williams on August 25, 2004 at 15:43:48:

good advice. But I bet she stopped reading after step 1.

In that case, I wouldn’t be buying - Posted by Evan Perroni (Houston)

Posted by Evan Perroni (Houston) on August 25, 2004 at 17:28:53:

If the best house I could find had a $6000 mortgage payment we’d be renting and saving. I don’t care where you live, the rent wouldn’t be $6000 a month. Anyway, they are renting an apartment and would like to buy a house. So the $6000 is not a mortgage payment.