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Posted by Susan on October 06, 2005 at 12:52:07:

You’re welcome, and I’m sorry you are having to go through that, and the “cute” responses that often come through on websites, as well. This bug issue is downright horrifying and difficult to deal with. I’d suggest contacting the holder of the REO to see if they’d consider covering your extermination, and perhaps that of your neighbors; if it hasn’t affected other homes, it will ultimately. When our situation occurred, it began to be felt throughout our neighborhood of 78 townhomes, not just our “row” of 6 homes. The toxicity of the chemicals is a real concern, however, which is why most of us chose to deal with it on our own. I’ve never tried the electronic devices, and don’t know much about them. We pretty much had to declare “war” on the creatures - we bought the available bug products (that caulk-like stuff was the best, I believe), caulked every open place possible on our home, emptied our pantry, cleaned it and relined it with shelf liner, and put every food item stored in the pantry in either zip loc bags or Tupperware containers. We couldn’t take the chance of leaving any possible food source for them. I feel for your tenants, but hopefully you will able to help them understand it is not a reflection on their cleanliness, but rather just a nasty by-product of a bad rental situation nearby. I’m sure once the initial “invasion” is treated, you will see a marked improvement as we did because the true source of the problem - the other house - will have been “cleaned up.” What you are experience is a mass evacuation, I would think. This has to get better when their point of origin is thoroughly sanitized!

strange REO question - Posted by rm

Posted by rm on October 04, 2005 at 16:27:39:

We have a rental that’s around the corner from a recently vacated REO.

When the tenants were evicted, the roaches and rats moved over to our property.

It’s so bad that the exterminator is going to have to come back again.

There has never been any infestation in the property since we owned it, and the tenants can verify this.

Do we have any recourse against the lender who know owns this property?

This is not an important issue YET, but if we can’t get rid of the pests fairly quickly, I’m sure these tenants will leave.

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Not strange as I experience this problem. I once lived in one of my 3 family rentals, and property is attached to others on the block.

The absentee owner of the property next to mine apparently rent to slobs, and does frequent evictions. After every one of these, I would suddenly find roaches running around my place. It seems they’re also lookling for a new home after every eviction.

RM, I just don’t have time to justify to authorities where the “illegal alien” roaches come from. I can no better stop the roaches than the government in stopping illegals at our own borders.

We find that in discarding scrap food after meals, we bag and tie it before it goes into the trash, not leave dishes in the sink at night elimnated most of the problem. We would have a roach problem for two months at a time.

Right now, I got a tenant downstairs from where I live with a severe roach problem, but REFUSES to let us call an exterminator since she felt the stuff would be toxic for their two children, ages 2 and 7. So after inspecting the unit, we found they leave dishes in the sink with tons of food scraps on it overnight.

What the wife did was to leave “sticky pads” with them to leave at strategic places. We know it doesn’t eliminate the roaches since they seem to multiply quickly, but it gives us a handle on the magnitude of the problem. The wife checked on one pad three days after putting it down, and found more than 15 roaches attached to it.

We now check with the tenant weekly, and they claim they clean the dishes each night, and no longer leaves them in the sink. Since my daughter goes down to pay with theirs, she gets to report back on the status. We got a good laugh as she’s getting here first taste of landlording at 8 years of age.

Frank Chin

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Not a strange question - this happened to my neighborhood a few years ago (very upscale townhomes in Northern VA suburbs of DC). A group of nasty tenants moved in to a house that became a REO, immediately stopped paying rent, and completely trashed the placed until ultimately evicted months later. Police were involved (there was criminal activity), health department, etc. The clean-up required on this house was unbelievable - weeks of food left on the counters, scores of trash bags left outside in summer heat for weeks, etc. Roaches everywhere in a neighborhood that didn’t have bug problems prior. So many roaches that they were on the outside of the townhomes and finding their way in even the cleanest of homes. The house was bug-bombed twice, which drove the bugs that survived out looking for another place to live. The real estate agent for the bank holding this REO offered to pay for exterminators to treat the townhomes in the entire “row” connected to this house, I was one of them, but we all refused due to the toxicity of the pesticides. What we did do was to stock up on a variety of bug products - sprays, traps, etc. Most effective, we think, was to use put the roach killer that is caulk-like around every exterior opening to our house. We also treated the usual areas - under sinks near the plumbing, etc., anywhere the evil things could crawls from the outside inside and into our living area. Within a month or two the problem was taken care of, and we have had no further problems. I’ve got to tell you, though, when it first happened it was awful just walking out the door and seeing the roaches hanging on the outside of the house. You can deal with this, but it takes a little time and some persistence. Be careful with using the roach products around kids, pets, and wildlife, needless to say!

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to come over for the free fresh meat to make tasty ratsoup :wink:


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lemme get this straight. you want to seek recourse because the bank’s property no longer has rats and roaches. Pleeeeeeeeeeze.

the problem has a lot to do with YOUR TENANTS, and very little to do with the VACANT PROPERTY.

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You would have to prove they came from that house.If you buy houses in that type neighborhood that is the type problems you will have

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Posted by rm on October 06, 2005 at 11:38:04:

Thanks for your reply… the other replies were mostly UNhelpful.

I guess you can’t appreciate the situation unless you’ve been through it yourself.

It really is aggravating, because this house is in GREAT shape, and now it’s being overwhelmed.

BTW, did you try any of those electronic devices? I’m wondering if they would help.