stolen A/C - Posted by jp(sc)

Posted by Ed (CA) on November 14, 2005 at 15:52:29:

I do not think there is much to do keep some JERK from taking A/C! You could lock electrical disconnect box so the the electrical would be hard to turn off.
Not many people like to work with 220 volts!

stolen A/C - Posted by jp(sc)

Posted by jp(sc) on November 13, 2005 at 18:23:47:

On Wednesday I posted a question about what options there are to replace central A/C that is stolen. At the time, it was a hypothetical question, but not any more.

I stopped by my “cash flow critter” today after evicting my tenant and what do I find? The outside A/C unit is stolen. They also took the A-coil from inside the house and the line-sets from under the house. The job was very neat, almost as if an HVAC guy had removed it. Wait a minute…the guy I evicted was an HVAC guy. Coincidence? Not likely.

I immediately called the sherrifs department. The deputy said he would classify it as grand larceny because it was over $1000. I’m not optimistic about catching whoever took it.

So now I’m wondering how to prevent future theft. Is there a good/cheap way to secure an outside air conditioner? I’m considering trying to bolt the unit down to a 6" thick concrete pad. Either that or chaining it down to eye bolts that are set in a 6" concrete pad. Or maybe welding some channel iron into a primitive cage over the unit. I also thought about running a chain under the house and around the house frame, but I can’t think of a secure way to attach it to the A/C unit, since the sheet metal is so thin. I also considered trying to install the unit on the roof somehow, but I’m not sure how that might work out. I will probably begin printing an identifying number or symbol on an interior surface, just in case one is ever recovered. I suppose I could dowse the unit in skunk smell, but that might bother the tenant. :~(

Thanks for letting me vent. I’d love to hear some ideas.

Re: stolen A/C - Posted by Joe -ga

Posted by Joe -ga on November 14, 2005 at 19:56:13:

I got it, I got it… I got it… take you 3 or 4 1/2 inch threaded rods, and bend one end about 3 inches back to an L shape… pour a slab abd put these rods into the slab and let it dry with them in it… open the top of the unit,drill 3 1/2 inch holes in the middle of the bottom of the unit… run the other end of the threaded rod thru the holes… and put a self locking nut on it… , then put the top back on the unit… that way, if they want it, they will have to work for it,…

Re: stolen A/C - Posted by Mike Cheatwood

Posted by Mike Cheatwood on November 14, 2005 at 18:03:44:


I have not had “my” MH AC units stolen as yet but the occasional vacant GreenTree MH’s in my park have had that problem. Of course, since I am usually interested in buying a decent MH from GreenTree then this becomes my problem.

On the last Greentree MH that became vacant (9/30/05)I removed the outside unit and put it in my MHP storage room under lock and key (and under a real camera). I expect to buy that MH from GreenTree this week and will have my AC guy re-install the unit (about $75.00 since he was able to “recover” most of the freon from the unit when he disconnected it).

I have also fully disclosed this fact/process to GreenTree so that there is no issue about the park owner “stealing” the units.

I also went one step further on protecting this vacant Greentree MH by renting the lot (for double lot rent) to a qualified applicant who was waiting for me to find them a good deal. I also “understand” that these lot renters have also moved into the MH and are interested in buying it in place once it is available for re-sale…


PS I am convinced that the person stealing the previous GreenTree AC units was my former AC guy who has since been banned from coming into my MHP…

Re: stolen A/C - Posted by Joe-ga

Posted by Joe-ga on November 14, 2005 at 07:26:47:

I just priced an entire unit for a mobile mansion I am working on here… The a-coil is about $200 new, line set about $80 to $100 , the condensing unit about $700, and the 2 speed fan, a nice $125…this is wholesale, plus you need to throw in installation unless your
able to do the work yourself, most of it is simple if you have bit of knowhow.

Re: stolen A/C - Posted by Sailor

Posted by Sailor on November 13, 2005 at 19:39:11:

Make sure you take detailed pics & have a copy of the police report. In my rural area I’d also make sure the incident of A/C rustling made the paper, along w/a reward notice in the classifieds. A/C rustling is pretty common here, along w/timber rustling & pecan poaching. Good idea about marking the unit. When I was cruising Latin America I painted a huge bright fish on my dinghy outboard so it would be less likely to be stolen. If it was, I’d be able to identify it, but no one seemed to want it. Hmmm, maybe I’ll paint some other things–

Re: stolen A/C - Posted by scott

Posted by scott on November 15, 2005 at 19:31:31:

i Understand you taking the AC unti. But you have got to be kidding me when you say you let someone move into a home that belong to Greentree. I believe that this is breaking and entering. I deal with GT all the time. Everyone and their brother has a key to their repos. But letting someone move in is against the law.
But hey, as long as you feel alright about it. By the way does greentree know about this? What about other investors or buyers walking in to inspect the repo and someone is living there?


Re: stolen A/C - Posted by jp(sc)

Posted by jp(sc) on November 14, 2005 at 07:35:59:

Thanks for the info, however you didn’t address my question of how to prevent the new one from being stolen also. A 700 dollar condensing unit sitting out in the open is a tempting target for thieves.

Re: stolen A/C Clarification - Posted by Mike Cheatwood

Posted by Mike Cheatwood on November 15, 2005 at 22:27:56:


As noted in my earlier post the Greentree home was being stolen blind and I only rented the people the lot, not the MH.

Yes, the people renting the lot from me have taken possession of the MH and Greentree has been out and looked at it with their cooperation. Note - There is no paperwork from me giving them the MH. This fact was fully disclosed to the GreenTree Rep before it happened initially.

The people in the MH have spent close to $500 on new carpet and other minor repairs so there is little room for complaint from me and not much expected from GreenTree…

I have also purchased 16 mobiles from GreenTree this year and have a good relationship with my Rep who wants the same thing I do - to do business and to make money with as little fuss as possible.

By the way, not all repo’s are vacant homes.

Hope this clarifies the earlier post.


Re: stolen A/C - Posted by Sailor

Posted by Sailor on November 14, 2005 at 16:25:16:

How about some camouflage w/landscape, fencing or trellis so it wouldn’t be so obviously tempting? You’d have to keep the area clear, but you could accomplish some visual distraction in the area. It is common to fence off a trash can area, so I might consider doing something like that. There are some relatively inexpensive vinyl options.


Re: stolen A/C - Posted by Joe-ga

Posted by Joe-ga on November 14, 2005 at 07:58:00:

I have not had to do that so far… let me think about it today… I am a rather handy welder and can make some dum thief devices…