Stephen Cook's Book - Posted by Daniela

Posted by MB on July 23, 2001 at 15:51:17:

Perhaps I have not given the course enough time to soak in and certainly, I have not even begun to try applying the things that Stephen describes in the course. I am fairly new to RE investing and have just begun my educational process to learn everything I can.

I am very impressed with Steve’s ethics and emphasis on being a professional. That is important to me and I am glad to see that he stands up for doing what is right.

My next step is to get involved with a local REI Association group and see what kinds of contacts and educational resources are available there.

Are you already experienced with RE investing? I would love to hear about any success stories you may have using the methods that Steve describes in his “Wholesaling for Quick Cash” course.


Stephen Cook’s Book - Posted by Daniela

Posted by Daniela on July 16, 2001 at 20:54:24:

I just wanted to know from people that have bought his course think of it? Is it good? Is it a good for beginners? Were you able to do any deals, or get any ideas from the course? Did you find it helpful at all? THe reason I ask is because I just purchased it and am anxious to start on it and just want to get some feedback from those of you who has! Any comments and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Daniela, MA

Re: Stephen Cook’s Book - Posted by MB

Posted by MB on July 23, 2001 at 09:41:04:

Daniela, I also have purchased Steve’s book last week and have read about 3/4’s of it. I am fairly satisfied with the information but I wish it contained more details. It seems to be a good overview of what is involved but lacks specific HOW-TO steps in some areas. Like how do you actually go about doing certain things step-by-step. I Guess no single book is going to answer everything but newbies to this business need the specifics. I am going to attend my first local REI Association meeting tomorrow to find out what kind of help is available at the meetings. That is one of the things Steve Cook recommends. What’s your impression of the book?

MB, Florida

Re: Stephen Cook’s Book - Posted by Rob

Posted by Rob on July 23, 2001 at 14:01:59:

I like the course. He is very detail about how to. One can follow this step by step and do it.

For the newbies, if they don’t understand the basics, or the real estate lingo, I don’t care what courses they take. It will be difficult to understand.