Staying focused .... - Posted by Merle

Posted by Merle on November 17, 2000 at 11:22:14:

The question is ? how do you get focused and maintain it?

If I knew the answer for sure, my golf score would likely drop dramatically. That seems to be a major attribute held by Tiger Woods. He appears to be focused on his game regardless of the surroundings.

I?ve read that his Dad used to make noises and try to distract him while he was hitting the ball or putting. Over the years, he apparently developed this technique you seek for focusing.

Focus and concentration definitely play an important role in every business. Years ago, I sold steel buildings over 3 states. Occasionally, Pat traveled with me. When she accompanied me, my closing average was lower than when I was by myself. As we analyzed the trips, looking for the difference, we found that concentration on selling was more difficult when she was along. Was she comfortable? Was she hungry? She waited in the car while I was on the sales call ? her safety became a concern for me. I thought about her needs more than the sales calls.

The solution?? I set more appointments so I would still get the number of sales I needed when she went along. (You thought I was going to leave her at home, didn?t you?)

The first step in developing a focus would be that of defining your purpose. What is the point of the focus you desire? In this business, are you concerned simply with making money ? helping people ? satisfying ego? Where do you want to go?

Once you have the focal point, then, you establish the steps necessary for its accomplishment. Next, you make sure nothing interferes with your doing what you know you ought to do and avoid doing those things you know you ought not to do.

Now, isn?t that simple?

No, actually it is not. Look at how many people seem to wander thru life ? they are not focused. Must not be that easy. Goal setting and motivation ? that?s what you are actually asking for. Many books have written about these.

Motivational speakers appear everywhere ? some better than others. Many offer presentations like some of the ?how-to? courses ? just a rehash of what someone else said in another presentation.

That doesn?t mean that listening to them is bad ? in fact, you can learn from most everyone. Again, become a ?student of? not a ?follower of.?

Hope you are not looking for 3-step program for getting focused and maintaining that focus. It?s a growing, learning process. Takes much effort ? and you will make many mistakes. Making mistakes can add to the learning process.

Let?s say you are taking a trip in your car. You head down the highway toward your destination. You have to stop for gas. When you leave the gas station, you accidentally turn the wrong direction. Upon discovering your mistake, do you cancel the trip and go back home? Most likely, you will turn around, go back to the right highway, and continue your trip.

Which is harder ? getting focused or staying that way? Good question. Probably a different answer for everyone. For some, the focal point happens thru an experience, triggering a desire to ?fix? something or change something they don?t like. Others determine their focal point thru education ? but, the majority never make that decision of focus ? they let life direct them.

The trigger experience seems to make staying focused easier for those so motivated. Someone sees an injustice and has a burning desire to make that right. Greed does this for some people, however, that often brings other problems to them.

The slower, more methodical decision does not always produce that same burning desire to excel ? maybe that?s my golf dilemma. Not a life or death problem.

Pat and I began in real estate investing after much research and thought. Also spent a lot of time on our knees (in prayer). We saw a way to help people (found a need) and then looked for ways to fill that need. That desire kept us going in the beginning. Today, we look at several hundred examples from our business of doing just that. Those memories provide the ?keep on keeping on? we need to maintain the focus.

Guess that is my answer to your question.

Have a GREAT day ? today!