Solicitations via email - Posted by WheelDeals_MS

Posted by Don-NY on June 16, 2008 at 06:36:45:

I got it also, I thought somewhere in the e mail they wanted my full name and address too.

Solicitations via email - Posted by WheelDeals_MS

Posted by WheelDeals_MS on June 14, 2008 at 05:08:42:

Over the past month I have received several emails that referenced this board…I doubt I am the only one getting these & I have never asked for funding in any of my messages. It is copied below…if this person reads this, please take me off your list.


I got your thread in the real estate discussion board. ( )

I am a private investor i give out unsecured guarantee loans to
Business Men and women who are into Business transaction,
automobile purchase, house purchase loan and other personal loans

I also render Collateral And Non- Collateral Loans For Your Business

We give out long term loan for five to fifty years maximum with
5-6% interest rate in this you can as well tell us the amount you need so
that we will send to you the terms and condition that is if you are
really interested in getting a loan from us, Loans are given out in
United States Dollar the maximum I give is $20,000,000 USD and the
minimum 1,000 USD$.

I will like to know if you need a loan to fund your deals, If yes i implore you to respond and let me know how possible to fund your deals .We do any and all type of loans

Sincerely Yours.

James Barry