Solar RV Park - Posted by Glen Whiting

Posted by Glen Whiting on February 02, 2008 at 10:52:08:

We are doing a lot more than just the “Energy Garden” and we are also a solar dealer ourselves, This includes many upgrades that a short post needed not to say to keep is simple.

Solar RV Park - Posted by Glen Whiting

Posted by Glen Whiting on January 31, 2008 at 03:46:25:

I hope my posting is not one of the do NOTs. Iâ??m almost embarrassed to post this but Iâ??m a Hurricane Rita victim who last everything but due to the fact I was out of the area working on a contract job, I received no help. I was eligible for a small government pension check so I took it and moved to far West Texas for a better life. Using my talents I have started Rancherâ??s Lifestyle, (work-in-progress) that promote â??Independent Livingâ?? with solar and wind. I have found a RV Park with 107 full hookups on I-10 the southern US east-west route with millions passing by monthly. They want 1.2 Million and I would like to install three (3) wind turbines that generate 5.4 kW and solar hybrid system 12.16 kW and its cost is almost $300,000 including labor for both. We would call this an â??Energy Gardenâ?? that would work as a training campus and a marketing tool as well as an active RV Park. The city is considering marketing themselves as a â??Green Cityâ?? to bring tourism to the community and region. I went searching the web to find real estate investors and found this website. I know that I donâ??t have the credit for a loan so I felt I should seek out investors who do. This is where Iâ??m lost â?? is there a network for small real estate investors or a company who would partner as a non-working partner to shore up my lack of credit?

Glen Whiting

Re: Solar RV Park - Posted by Patrick Lawson

Posted by Patrick Lawson on February 02, 2008 at 10:08:05:

You are paying $17 a watt for the installation? That is too much. There are also grants and rebates available.

You should get your costs (before rebates, etc.) under $15/watt … ideally at or under $10.

Once you have that squared away your numbers will look much better to potential investors.