slab or not to slab - Posted by SS (MI)

Posted by Kathy on October 26, 1998 at 23:10:00:

We built a 1700 sq. ft.home on a “floating” slab 5 years ago and have no problem. We are now in the process of adding on a 2300 sq. ft. addition, again on a slab, with infloor heat. Further, when we got an appraisal on the existing portion to finance the addition, the appraiser compared it to other slab homes in the area, and there wasn’t a problem revealed. We had a very high appraised value, so it certainly didn’t hurt in the value of the property!

I see no advantage to basements (damp, leaking, shifting foundations, musty, etc.) over slabs. They are prone to trouble too. I can’t say what may happen to my slab in 100 years, but anticipate no problems, but then, we did the ground work so at least feel it was done properly (I hope!).

I read something about this issue. It was suggested that when you inspect the property you check the the baseboard molding, especially in closets where an owner is not so likely to try to cover up a problem. Seeing 8" high baseboards may give you an indication that the slab has sunken and the owner tried to do a cover-up.

Hope this helps you.

slab or not to slab - Posted by SS (MI)

Posted by SS (MI) on October 26, 1998 at 19:01:22:

I have heard some real horror stories of problems with homes on slabs. I have found one that I believe is 10-15k under value but I don’t want to get too involved if homes on slabs are more trouble than they are worth. I generally buy and hold for at least 5-7 years. Any advice?